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Chipper's post on Vine - OH MY GOD, ODELL BECKHAM. - Chipper's post on Vine
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That Nigga Drizzle "Try Me Remix"
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Asaram bapu scandal: Godman used to take drugs, and test it on Minor girls
BART to OAK: To Oakland International Airport
Jimmy Neutron's post on Vine - Kobe is straight rude. #lakers #lakersnation #LakerGang #Kobe #nba #rockets #houston #losangeles - Jimmy Neutron's post on Vine
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REVOLT TV's post on Vine - Watching the #AMAs Taylor Swift #ClassicTaylor Taylor Swift - REVOLT TV's post on Vine
49ers's post on Vine - A #SaluteToService card stunt before #WASvsSF. #FortyViners - 49ers's post on Vine
Ziaire's post on Vine - 😭😭😭 - Ziaire's post on Vine
Steve Alien's post on Vine - I'm In Love With #Chipotle (Remix) Vine By Steve Alien @SteveAlien Worst Dancers And Singers #OTGenasis #CoCo #ChipotleKid #SteveAlien - Steve Alien's post on Vine
KenIsLegend's post on Vine - πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€ I gotta stop #beyonce - KenIsLegend's post on Vine
Malik's post on Vine - Twerkanna!!! Yes Rih πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ™Œ @Rihanna #rihanna - Malik's post on Vine
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Another incredible photo from Buffalo
Hanley Ramirez is heading to Boston to finalize deal with Red Sox in 5-year, $90 million range. (via @FOXSports)
BEARS WIN! Cal improves to 4-0 with an 82-70 victory over Missouri! Reshanda Gray led all scorers with 28 points
When you hittin it raw but Odell lookin out for you
Tatuando essa imagem no meu Γ’nus
We could not be prouder of how we represented our beloved university today! #TheBearWillNotQuit #TheBearWillNotDie
this that tooth guy RT @thinkprogress
These two guys just ran 550 miles, from Atlanta to Michael Browns memorial.
Its a beautiful day in Berkeley for @CalMensSoccer! #GoBears!
My princess got the game ball today. I promised u a td on your special day #BABYGHOST #PAPAGHOST
Un couch surfer demandait Γ  ma belle soeur en stage payΓ© 400e par mois: Β«Is it legal to be underpaid like this ?Β» Β
Your 2014 Bank of Hawaii Rainbow Wahine Classic Champions! #DoOneMore
#HappeningNow protest @Levis Stadium. Group calling for Washington NFL team to change name & logo #KTVU
GROUP PHOTO: Bridging #Tech & #SocialGood w/ @calblueprint @Googleorg @khanacademy @ODALC @puddlehq @watsi #ODALC RT!
*At Thanksgiving*
Family: Hows college? How are your grades? Whats your GPA? Major? What do you wanna be?
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β€œ@kysamanda: β€œ@kaamx_:” when u see Ariana” I JUST SAID THAT AMANDA PLS!


Did Ariana just drop down and pop something real quick tho!? ?

Ohio/ Oakland CA

RT @Calum5SOS: I wish I had the i between of ariana grande and axel rose voice. Mmmm

Oakland, California

Oh that's Ariana Grande (latte)?! I thought it was Mariah Carey... #AMA #copycat #worstperformanceofthenight

SF Bay Area

Julius talkin about Ariana grande his girlfriend... Nigga that bitch is 12 bruh

San Fran Oakland

Ariana Grande reminds me of that quiet girl from Pitch Perfect. You can't understand a shit she says. Need to turn on caption. #AMA

Berkeley, CA

RT @irania_montoya: Ariana Grande ft. The Weeknd // Love Me Harder

Oakland, Ca

Ariana Grande no ponytail! ???

Oakland California

RT @Gordehh: Better without both tbh RT @ShutUpMurdy RT @jsmith189: Ariana's album is so much better without Iggy's voice.

Oakland, CA

RT @Riaa_P0W: Black dick got Ariana Grande doing all types of tricks...

Friend made a list of top internship offers ????




My starter pack




Top story: @djkevlar: Another incredible photo from Buffalo …, see more
When you realize tomorrows Monday, but then realize its only a 2 day week.
this is my favorite thing on the entire planet