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@Official_Shay25 Yes Go Back in time w/#RightOnTV FREE throwback Classic Movie/Sitcom App at
Vine by NBA on TNT - Derrick Rose
Vine by Bleacher Report - D-Rose 😬 (via NBA on TNT)
lmfaoooo yall have to watch this
Vine by The Funny Vine - When u miss ur stop
This kid has a bright future ahead of him.
"Its not that big"
Been hearing people like this all day, and they're making me just more angry
Kay Felder is 5' 9" and now a Cleveland Cavalier. His hops 😳
PERFECT segue on @MSNBC during #Brexit coverage. Wait for it...
Brexit in a single gif.
Okay this @Cavs video of President Obama telling Ty Lue that JR Smith needs to put his shirt back on is AMAZING.
When you try my bio, then actually get $500 worth of make up sent to your house for free!! Limited supplies 💄💋🔥
RT @AceHudsonJr: Kyrie got nothing but Non-Pasteurized, Pure Lowfat Dairy on that boat..
Her sister used my bio & got $500 worth of make up delivered to her door!! Winners are chosen daily!! 💋 ✨
Desiigner's XXL freestyle sounds like a modern day negro spiritual
This is legendary 💯
You’d perhaps assume that an otter would eat like a cat or dog? THINK AGAIN
when you get that "come out" text and they not even there yet 😂🙊
"give me five more mins. I swear I'll be ready"
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we mobbin to that CATCH A BODY 2016 on 24/7 #BayArea #slaps
"What is the EU?" is the second top UK question on the EU since the #EURefResults were officially announced
VIDEO: "I got my #design #inspiration through the streets," #BRIDGEGOOD #creative Ben -
VIDEO: "#InspireOakland instills a confidence in my abilities," #BRIDGEGOOD creative Megan -
Holy shit, they replaced David Cameron with a cat.
The most articulate take on #Brexit is actually this FT reader comment today.
This comment from a reader of the FT puts it better than I ever could.
Meanwhile, in Canada
#DubNation, welcome @PMcCaw0 & @dameology to the squad!
Nothing more 2003 than young LeBron wearing baggy clothes & taking pics of Stone Cold Steve Austin on a flip phone
Well that escalated quickly
Live scenes from the Channel tunnel.
🌹 has arrived. #Knicks
The parody account, and a few hours later, the real thing. 

Definitely living in a simulation.
Warriors, Spurs & Thunder are 1st known teams to secure face-to-face meetings w/ Kevin Durant. (via @ESPNSteinLine)
Tyga pulled a PND on PND
Long-awaited study re: shipping coal through Oakland: unhealthy & dangerous. #OakMtg
VIDEO: "My #InspireOakland design: the most inspiring women," #BRIDGEGOOD creative Cynthia -
Because Senate leaders refuse to do their jobs, the Supreme Court cannot properly do its job. #DoYourJob
Scotland are the heroes of the UK 😂
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RT @_YoMek: Lets go breh! RT @PMcCaw0: "Zero Worries, Zero Doubts ?" #DubNation yall ready?!

Oakland, CA

Patrick McCaw, @pmccaw0 is now trending in #Berkeley

Berkeley, United States

RT @PMcCaw0: "Zero Worries, Zero Doubts ?" #DubNation yall ready?!

Berkeley, CA

RT @warriors: .@PMcCaw0 on his impression of his new teammates:

Oakland, CA

RT @PMcCaw0: You heard it here first ... BE GREATER LATER ?? #LockedIn?

Oakland, CA

#DubNation, welcome @PMcCaw0 & @dameology to the squad!

Oakland, CA

RT @warriors: Bob Myers meets with @dameology & @PMcCaw0 before their introductory press conference.

Oakland, CA

RT @warriors: .@PMcCaw0: "I always want to improve and get better. I always work as hard as I possibly can when I’m in the gym."

Oakland, CA

RT @warriors: Meet the newest Warriors - @dameology & @PMcCaw0 »

Oakland, CA

RT @warriors: Bob Myers meets with @dameology & @PMcCaw0 before their introductory press conference.

Oakland, CA