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RT @AndreaTantaros: How could Obama & his natl security team allow an illegal secret server? Why hasn't Hillary been charged? This is now a Democratic coverup.

Silver Spring, MD

RT @FrankConniff: Innocent civilians & American soldiers could be dying right now, but Obama had to ruin everything with his stupid Iran deal.

District 13

In climate bid, Obama stares down melting Alaska glacier via @YahooNews

Bethesda, MD

Michelle Obama aims to lift barriers that keep about 62M girls worldwide from attending school

Bethesda, MD

RT @Ben_Geman: Obama will unveil plan to help #Arctic villages threatened by climate-fueled sea encroachment/erosion. @nytimes:…

Takoma Park, MD

RT @DavidCornDC: Now that Obama reversed the economic collapse, passed Obamacare, killed bin Laden & got the #IranDeal I wonder what the next failure will be


Obama taking a bunch of dad photos on this Alaska trip

Alexandria, Va

RT @PaulAckerman: @owillis "We worship an awesome God in the Mustard States and have gay friends in the Ketchup States -- B. Obama 04

Takoma Park, MD

RT @ComplexMag: President Barack Obama snaps a couple selfies in Alaska with Bear Grylls.

Manor Park, DC

RT @AlexDiLalla: .@ppppolls: 66% of #DonaldTrump's supporters think Obama is Muslim, 61% think Obama not born in US, 63% want to end birthright citizenship.

Bethesda, MD