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YESS!!! #IowaCaucus "Clinton hangs on in revised Iowa caucus results"


I wrote this 13 years ago, yet it lays out the exact trajectory of the Clinton campaign's appeal to feminist loyalty

Bethesda, MD

RT @nickconfessore: Main difference between Clinton and other celebrity-pol buckrakers (Bush, Powell, etc.) is that she decided to run for the presidency again.


RT @ClimateHour: Clinton wants to move toward banning fossil fuel extraction on public land #ClimateHour

Bethesda Maryland USA

RT @sarahkendzior: The only women mentioned in this debate are 1) future drafted soldiers 2) women with unwanted pregnancies 3) Hillary Clinton #GOPDebate

Bethesda, Maryland

RT @Green_Footballs: Ben Carson attacked Hillary Clinton on Benghazi by citing a scene from a Michael Bay movie. Yes, it's that bad.

Bethesda, Maryland

Hilary not the establishment? The Clinton System via nybooks


RT @FT: Hillary Clinton has yet to find her true voice

Bethesda, MD

RT @MaxBlumenthal: Rewarding Clinton's vow to crush #BDS, anti-Palestinian billionaire Haim Saban pumps $1.5 million into her Super PAC

Bethesda, MD

@TracyMitch NBC, ask Clinton about Dec.30 remarks & Rockefeller Initiative. @johnpodesta @hillaryclinton #disclosure

Bethesda, MD