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Transfer news: We’re pleased to announce the signing of Ritchie De Laet on a three-year deal. #AVFC #WelcomeRitchie
FAIL: Wolves fan jumps face first off the Birmingham City toilets...and nobody decides to catch him.
This shit just tickle me sooooooo bad 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Paul Pogba and his brothers are wavey! 🌊🌊🔥🔥
YALL RT @sweet_novacanee: Guess the race of the booty 😂😭💀😭
There is honestly no point in doing anything but this guy's job.
Forever Love #PushAwardsKathNiels 560
Ok she really killed it tho 🔥🤘🏻
fav video from V I'm crying😭
اضغط وحمل الفيديو بالكامل.. شيميل نهود porn شرموطه BFJ4
Meanwhile at BMH as De Laet is set to join Villa, Hutton is nowhere to be seen... #AVFC
Tight Hug? #PushAwardsKathNiels 541
Every black person that watches anime be like
اضغط وحمل الفيديو بالكامل.. افلام_سكس عير تحرر سكس_عربي N8PD
Every single weekend Charlie Nicholas is always sitting there thinking 🤔😂
Guess the race of the booty 😂😭💀😭
Chelsea's physio Billy McCulloch is an absolute fruit 😂😂😂 (via: @Footy_Community)
Buddy in the red came out the spot COOKIN at 0:31
So excited that @UrbanDecay gave me a NAKED VAULT to give away to celebrate my new book #TheLuxeLife🎉❤️ RT TO ENTER!
When my mom asks me what I did with my last check
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Get one signing done. Waiting for announcement.#UTV
shes got no idea 😂
This kid is 11 and in my organic chemistry class 😭 he said if we have questions to just email him
When you show your boyfriend the Laura Mercier translucent setting powder for one of your bday presents 🙂🙂🙂🙂
#BarcelonaALoveUntold Sept. 14 in cinemas worldwide!” 

#PushAwardsKathNiels  300
Guys pls.....this is my cousins hustle. Pls I beg with the name of God, help RT....abeg
My boys twanging girls with the french national team😂🇫🇷
Yeah, alright then Joey
My Price Goal For $ONOV end of September $ONOV #99cents #dollar #stocks #coffeelovers #chartbreakout
Happy & gloRIOus and most definitely #victoRIOus. Welcome home @TeamGB! #greattobeBAck #GBR
honestly the best thing ive ever seen
Thats more like it
@WarwickshireCCC To enter, just follow us and RT this post. Competition ends at noon tomorrow (Wednesday).
Following a historic career..

The city of LA is set to declare 8-24, Kobe Bryant Day
Virgin Trains issues a *lengthy* statement calling Jeremy Corbyn a liar. This is bizarre.
Exactly☝🏼️week until the Green and Gold game. See you there, Blazer Nation. #theReturn
unpublished by Mert+Marcus
Street party this Friday means 2 x Twitter winners!

RT to enter!

Food and drink up for grabs Friday night
Aston Villa signings:

Tshibola ✍
Gollini ✍
Elphick ✍
McCormack ✍
Chester ✍
Jedinak ✍
De Laet ✍

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seems everyone is practising the Corbyn waiting for a train #traingate


RT @joejglenton: Corbyn sits on floor of train ( Smith goes first class (

Midgard, Birmingham

RT @robinedds: Spare a thought for Corbyn. All this comes just a week after he couldn't get a seat at the diving...

Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham

RT @peterwalker99: Just spoken to passenger on Corbyn train who 100% backs his story. Says she was sat in corridor with her 2 kids near him.


RT @elizabday: If Jeremy Corbyn goes because of a row over train seats, this will be the most British thing that's ever happened.


BBC News - Virgin challenges Jeremy Corbyn train footage


RT @DavidDPaxton: Corbyn's comms team are still hard at work. #traingate


@andrewspoooner so Milne is Ted and Corbyn Dougall right and McDonnell Jack ?


RT @andrewspoooner: "We don't have a clue how we'll renationalise the railways so lets just sit on the floor instead" Corbyn's leadership goes full Father Ted


RT @AndrewJKiddWC2: Corbyn Defiant As Virgin Casts Doubt On Leader's Packed Train Claim









So, people have voted Mrs. Browns Boys as the sitcom of the century...
When you score on your first day of training. #AVFC #WelcomeRitchie