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Vine by - We gonna sit here and act like Jason Terry didn't break Steph Curry's ankles?
Vine by grace styles - HARARYS LAUGH
Vine by Rob Perez - Riley Curry trollin' 😂😂
Vine by iSTUTTA - Riley Curry: I'm wayyy up I feel blessed 😍 #warriors
James Dator's post on Vine - Vine by James Dator - That's so Gronk...
Vine by JIMMYSHOETRON - blessed
- Vine by anthony_lxxiid
Vine by KFC Radio - Riley Curry featuring Big Sean, Drake & Kanye West
- Vine by GSWdelivery
Vine by That Bucket List - Double tap if you would try this.
- Vine by @DezzNutsPage
- Vine by @DezzNutsPage
Uni Lad's post on Vine - Vine by UNILAD - A Cat Ran Into A Door During A French TV Baking Show And It Is Absolutely Amazing.
Vine by Jammie D™ - AFRO TIME #tigerhair
Vine by Rob Cassidy - my word, Sam Bruce. Miami commit looking awesome at at Thomas' spring game.
Vine by SportsCenter - Spoiler Alert: This went in. Stephen Curry's textbook jumper looks sweet in slow motion.
Try to make kanye smile - Vine by Ddeessttiinnii - Try to make kanye smile
Vine by just jamie - parties today
Vine by Nick_Fury - Finally Caught him #Lovemelikeyoudo #kids #elliegoulding
Vine by Rob Perez - DEAD. Riley Curry makes Oracle Arena employee hold her gum before playing peek-a-boo under curtain 💀💀💀
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RT: RT: RT: RT: RT: #stoprush tourists, 5/26. #KCMO #JadeHelm15 clinton cash #DeflateGate……
RT: RT: RT: RT: : #LenaDunham #JoshDuggar #19Girlsandcounting #KCMO clinton cash #deflategate… …
Mood :
#NBAFinals, here we come!
Found a soda that matched my hair. Happy. RT Ashton5SOS:
@jakemiller Bostons ready for you but are YOU ready for Boston 😉 Cant wait to meet you! #DazedAndConfusedTour 😎
Love you guys ❤️
RT: RT: RT: RT: RT: RT: RT: #stoprush tourists 5/25 #KCMO #JadeHelm15 clinton cash #deflategate

… …

— #KansasCit…
Play as women in FIFA 16: For the time in the FIFA franchise you can play as the stars of womens football including USAs Alex Morgan, Englands Stephanie Houghton, and others. Subscribe for FIFA 16s first full gameplay trailer:

FIFA 16 will be available this fall on: PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 & PlayStation 3

“Grung Bond”
Performed by Deap Vally
Written by Lindsay Troy and Julie Edwards
Published by Insieme Music Publishing
Recording courtesy of Deap Vally
Yes, theres still snow in Boston.
Be sure to enjoy todays hot weather, because snow is still melting away at the Tide Street Snow Farm.
.@JHarden13 is a turnover away from breaking a postseason record. @LILBTHEBASEDGOD may have something to do with this
"@narrynipslip: @NiallOfficial my countdown is almost there 😝"
This was such an outrage, and so embarrassing, I cant even believe what was done, and we have to worry when people are punishing people without evidence, and using all kinds of political issues to accuse a person, without evidence.  Its just insane, and so filthy.  The bigger picture is that we cant set a precedent that someone can be accused of doing something on a "hunch" without evidence and put their career on the line.  I was disgusted to even listen to the findings on this matter, and I pray that the outrage is heard loud and clear.
James Harden commits 12th turnover, setting new record for most in a game in NBA postseason history.
"@onedirection: #TBT: Who remembers which video this is?"
"@Luke5SOS: Hi" amboi
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RT @EASPORTSFIFA: Women's National Teams are #INTHEGAME #FIFA16! More:


RT @EASPORTSFIFA: Women's National Teams! #INTHEGAME #FIFA 16! See more:

Boston, Ma

RT @EASPORTSFIFA: Women's National Teams are #INTHEGAME #FIFA16! More:


I swear to god @EASPORTSFIFA if the women players have better ratings than @Aaron_Cresswell shit will hit the fan!


RT @ussoccer_wnt: #USWNT is #INTHEGAME for @EASPORTSFIFA 2016! Watch the promo:


RT @stephhoughton2: Finally it happened! @EASPORTSFIFA include me and my @england teammates in the new #FIFA16 Can't Wait! ⚽️

Doha, Qatar/Boston, MA

@sydneyleroux I'm looking forward to this @EASPORTSFIFA

The Chesapeake Bay State

RT @JFiligno: Can not wait for #FIFA16 to be released! @EASPORTSFIFA @EASPORTS #INTHEGAME @CanadaSoccerEN @FIFAWWC


RT @ussoccer_wnt: #USWNT is #INTHEGAME for @EASPORTSFIFA 2016! Watch the promo:

New York | Boston

RT @FIFAWWC: #FIFA16: @EASPORTSFIFA to feature women’s national football teams for 1st time in FIFA 16



Town to take on @CambridgeUtdFC in a pre-season friendly (away) on Tuesday, July 21st, kick-off 7.45pm #itfc