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Vine by Bone Hugs-N-Harmony - "Accomplishments", Brady vs Luck 😂😂😂
he wasn't ready but nobody cared 😂
New track this summer... "Nothin but Lit" pre order now... Here's a teaser...
"Law & Order: finding cheating guys unit" I'M CRYING 😂😭
Dwyane & Gabrielle, Chris & Jada, LeBron & Savannah out here just enjoying life bae'd up 😪 must be nice
Why they don't show this Desiigner freestyle 😳
Out here grinding. Bad man coming for those dogs July 4th
me: I don't think I'm drinking tonight guys *5 drinks later* drunk me:
I would be in tears if someone surprised me like this
.@taylormotter7 is the only Chanticleer on an @MLB active roster. When @CoastalBaseball won the #CollegeWorldSeries:
"how's your 2016 been so far?"
Relationship goals 😭😭😭😭 Elizabeth always lit
Tommy Boi where u at? Now that I've done @ESPN Mag #BodyIssue I'm ready for the modeling world. Pics out tomorrow!
Baby girl sees her parents clearly for the first time
I'm weirdly proud that Dil is in gif search!
"Y'all niggas rather be more famous than rich" 💎💎💎
@5SOS the North American leg starts today and I am beyond ready
Watching the Indians win 12 straight with Terry Francona and Mike Napoli, while the Red Sox season is collapsing.
Vine by SportsCenter - Chanticleers make history!
He had to take off his jacket 😂🙌🏻
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Time to let the world know. My next destination is @ManUtd
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Vince Wilfork has landed the cover of ESPN the Magazines Body Issue.
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#NHLBruins sign Torey Krug to 4-year contract worth an AAV of $5.25 million:
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Barack can u handle this?
Justin can u handle this?
Enrique can u handle this?
I dont think they can handle this!
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MBTA Fares Increase Tomorrow

Bus fares will go up from $1.60 to $1.70. Subway increases from $2.10 to $2.25.
ALERT: @Isaiah_Thomas is handing out FREE ice cream w/@GoodHumor from 12-3pm @FaneuilHall. RT TO SAVE LIVES.
SOUNDS LIVE FEELS LIVE // UNCASVILLE // 30.06.16 & 01.07.16
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Russian cursive is the most mind blowing thing Ive ever seen
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@midnight #AmericaIn4Words Celebrate Christmas in July


#americain4words is now trending in #Boston

Boston, USA

Bad at math. #AmericaIn4Words @midnight

Los Angeles vía Boston

RT @KenPlume: Will Work For Food. #AmericaIn4Words @midnight

Greater Boston

@midnight #AmericaIn4Words We Are The World


Lovers, Fighters, Bud Lighters #AmericaIn4Words @midnight 🍺🇺🇸

Boston, Massachusetts

Jersey's a Garden State? #AmericaIn4Words @midnight

Boston, MA

Home of the selfie. #americain4words @midnight


Talking Is For Pussies #AmericaIn4Words @midnight

Boston, MA

We Have American Tacos #AmericaIn4Words @midnight

Boston, MA




Jozea thinks Natalie betrayed him. #bb18 @Kassting thank you for this gem. You are brilliant. #rhap #bb18
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She listens like spring & she talks like June, hey, hey, hey...
Fireworks over Somerville tonight...#Merica????????
Artist in Residence #Craftworkshops start next week in #Brighton & #Dorchester See below for schedule! @OnlyInBOS
CONTEST! RT+Follow @OnlyInBOS to enter to win a #SB49 adjustable hat! DM winner 9pm. #TBT