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This weekend is for you, @davidortiz.
Soak it in, #RedSoxNation. #ThanksPapi
Fenway right now: PAPI PAPI PAPI!!! @davidortiz sends the ball sailing for a 2-run jack. 5️⃣-3️⃣ #RedSox ‼️
.@davidortiz steps out and the crowd goes WILD! 👏👏👏
Hehehe.. RT @jeneps: I've watched this video several times and am not yet done being amused by it
Friday night brought to you by #WINDANCEREPEAT! FINAL: #RedSox 5, Blue Jays 3 🙌
Vine by TayCSnow - Jaylen Brown (@FCHWPO) is throwing down MONSTER slams during warm-ups right now. Got the MJ tongue going, too.
After this one it's fair to say #ThanksPapi! 🙌
Vine by Boston Sports Info - David Ortiz delivers another HR..dude is crazy
"Name a more iconic trio than Kim, Kylie, and Khloe" 😭😭😭
Vine by Boston Red Sox - Feeling the love at Fenway... Literally.
Dear @davidortiz, Thank You
We ain’t ever getting older. #BigPapi
3x World Series Champ. 10x All-Star. Relive David Ortiz’s brilliant career in the @Voya #PlanningAhead clip.
Hey @Indians! It looks like we'll be hanging out next week!
All the folks @ABC and #wcvb have a special message for @davidortiz - THANKS PAPI!
Fenway Park right now: #ThanksPapi.
Wondering how I can live without @DavidOrtiz playing like...
.@davidortiz sighting in the dugout with a full house and packed dugout. #ThanksPapi
you a goddamn lie if you think meek mill didn't go off
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@letituchi Asombroso Champu Bicarbonato Sodio Hace pelo =>
ALERT: Jimmy Garoppolo is starting Sunday vs the Bills.
YES! Pats fan gets video of Tom Brady throwing and tells ESPN they cant use it! #Patriots ---->  Going Live! #signup #freealerts #stockmarket #stocks #finance #algos
We ready. 💪
This how I dressed when I shoveled the driveway growing up,
Even after all these years they sit in the car and listen to music together. @Calum5SOS @Luke5SOS @Michael5SOS xx
Tonight @15Lasershow collected his 200th hit of 2016!

Congrats, Pedey! 💯x2️⃣
Happy 24th birthday to Xander Bogaerts!
My new hobby: finding incomprehensible diagrams on office whiteboards and adding alarming conclusions to them
When someone doesnt respond to your text but they view your snap story...
Well just leave these here:
Sources confirmed. Jimmy Garoppolo will get the start on Sunday #WBZ
Rich bitch looks.
I will Give you 3,000 Instantly started Active Facebook Fan Page likes  for $30
देश मे अराजकता व भ्रम फैलाने वाले #अश्लील_अखबार_DainikBhaskar का पूर्ण बहिष्कार किया जाये।
.@davidortiz was very casual when asked about his incredible final season:

अश्लीलता परोसकर देश के युवाओं और युवतियों को गुमराह कर रही है #अश्लील_अखबार_DainikBhaskar
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RT @asamjulian: According to Hillary, if you're reading this you're likely either a super predator, taco bowl, deplorable, or #BasementDwellers.

North Shore of Boston

RT @VivaLaAmes: Breaking: Vicious, name-calling, vile Hillary gets DESTROYED on social media with trending hashtag #BasementDwellers

North Shore of Boston

RT @AmyMek: When Hillary bypasses her spin doctors, writers & marketing team, her hate towards the American people always comes out! #BasementDwellers

Boston, MA

RT @Always_Trump: The #BasketOfDeplorables just got bigger w/ Hillary calling Bernie supporters #BasementDwellers. Shows how elitist…

Boston, MA

RT @bimmerella: No..HRC didn't disparage millenials as #BasementDwellers She addressed their struggles. Proof she is listening...

Chicago, Boston

RT @fawfulfan: These idiots need to actually read what Clinton said. She never actually used the term "#BasementDwellers", and wasn't insulting anyone.

Boston, MA

RT @KaivanShroff: Hillary suggested Bernie supporters were underwhelmed by higher-ed system & job prospects...those were their main issues.. #BasementDwellers

Chicago, Boston

RT @KaivanShroff: I don't think Sanders supporters will fall for #BasementDwellers ploy. If people listen to the whole tape they'll see it wasn't offensive.

Chicago, Boston

RT @bimmerella: No HRC isn't insulting #BasementDwellers Clinton gives take on Sanders supporters in leaked fundraising recording

Chicago, Boston

RT @Montel_Williams: There is no spin on #BasementDwellers she never said those two words...

Boston, MA