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Smoke from wildfires to our northwest slow to move out of eastern Colorado today. Satellite photo of smoke.#COwx
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It is unacceptable that the typical male worker made $783 less last year than he did 42 years ago.
"@ddaphnyperezz: I feel like everyone needs to know a little bit about what Bernies doing" @JarvisErik
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So many people have a very clear idea of how much they should weigh. They seem to know exactly how many pounds they should lose so they can feel their best ever, look great, and conquer the world. But do we really know exactly how much anybody should weigh? Is there any science on the precise numbers for ideal body weight? Join in as Marc David, Founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating reveals some fascinating insights on ideal weight. 

This is a fascinating blend of science and psychology that will surely provide you with some important facts that you might have missed. Prepare to see the weight gain, weight loss picture in a whole new way!

Learn more here:

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Want a sneak peek? Read part of the transcript below:

Greetings friends, this is Marc David, founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating.

Today’s topic is one that I believe is extremely important.

It’s all about how much you should weigh.

It’s all about that magic number.

After being in the business of nutrition and eating psychology for well over 30 years, one thing I’ve noticed is that a significant amount of people are super clear about what their magic number is when it comes to exactly how much they’re supposed to weigh.

For sure, there are plenty of people out there who have a range of where they want their weight to fall – but I’m still surprised at how many people have a very specific number in terms of how much exact weight they are supposed to lose. This magic number is one that they MUST reach at all costs, as it will allow the heavens to be in alignment and the stars and planets to be on their rightful trajectory in the universe.

What I’m saying is that we often put a heck of a lot of power into the magic weight number that we are convinced were supposed to reach. Have you heard people say “I need to lose 50 pounds, I just need to lose 5 pounds from right over here, I need to lose 25 pounds by such and such a date, I need to get down to 135 pounds, I need to return to what I used to weigh seven years ago – which was about 122 pounds – because that’s where I feel most comfortable and my body feels best and I feel most happy.”

So here’s the punch line:

We don’t know how much anyone is supposed to weigh.
This is true from a perspective of science, from a perspective of psychology, and from the sum total of everything that we know about the human body.

I’m not simply offering an opinion here. I am stating a scientific fact.

There is zero hard science out there, nor has anyone even pretended to know exactly how much you should weigh based on scientific principles. Yes, I know, there are tables and charts that are created by insurance companies that claim to tell you where your weight should fall. Their charts are based on fuzzy scientific guesswork that ultimately benefits their bottom line. When it comes to an exact number – there’s no such thing.

So why am I harping on this?

Because way too many people are giving away way too much of their power to a number that they’ve invented that has no basis in scientific fact or reality.

People pick numbers that are essentially arbitrary.

Sure, we have every right to pick a number and say here’s what I want to weigh, and then go do our best to lose that weight. You have free will, and that’s totally up to you, and it’s fine.

Just don’t take it so seriously.

Just don’t believe that it’s a factual reality that if you don’t attain this magic number, then you’ll be miserable forever.

Read the rest of the transcript on our Institute for the Psychology of Eating site here:
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Smoke from wildfires to our northwest slow to move out of eastern Colorado today. Satellite photo of smoke.#COwx