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My saddest photo yet. From #ISS we can actually see explosions and rockets flying over #Gaza & #Israel
Doin some stuff today ☺️we love you, how are you guys!? -
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Deep. @emilysalas if 2K tweets has taught me anything, it's that sass increases proportional to elevation.

Boulder, Colorado

RT @JGott41: #wcw a thousand thank yous to @floodcp for making me such a sick table #youdabest


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Boulder, Colorado, USA


Boulder, CO

ONLINE THERAPY with an ONLINE THERAPIST via SKYPE: via @YouTube for #ANXIETY & #DEDPRESSION. Contact me! Please RT!

Boulder CO, USA

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Boulder, Colorado

RT @Gingerhazing: honestly the men who have issues with women doing things are some of the most emotional i've ever seen lol

Boulder, CO

RT @JheneAiko: society may not acknowledge a good heart or reward a kind spirit .... but the Universe does .... and the Universe will ✨☝️☺️

Boulder, CO

But you, your pretty hot.... Hi

Boulder, CO

The people who take the bus up to ned are rather interesting, I do not fit in AT ALL

Boulder, CO


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