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Skyway Lightning

Bradenton FL

RT @WFLABryan: SHOCKING: 9,860 lightning strikes in the Tampa Bay area between 5-11pm.

Bradenton, Florida

Im seeing lightning & hearing thunder send chills down my whole body .


RT @TeenyTheJet: Oh my god the Lightning are ass tonight

Bradenton, FL

RT @htpreps: Southeast beats North Port 56-14 in a spring football game. The game was stopped with 4:54 left in the fourth quarter due to lightning.

Bradenton, FL

RT @SeanDelgordo: @JacobHouk69 is the only real Lightning fan I know⚡️?

Bradenton, Florida

@PaulFox13 @AmalieArena can see that lightning show from Ellenton

Bradenton, FL

Loving the thunder and lightning storm rolling thru now. Crash bam boom! — watching Lightning storm at Your Home

Bradenton, FL

Noles 56 @nopoathletics 14 game called with 4:54 left due to lightning. #gonoles @htpreps

Bradenton, FL
AMAZING! Pic taken last night with the Skyway in the background. You can tell the @TBLightning are in town! (J.Boone)