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When she say she got a cute friend for you - Vine by Nicholas Fraser - When she say she got a cute friend for you
When Your Friend Remix To A Song Has You ???????? - Vine by Fonzkelly - When Your Friend Remix To A Song Has You 💀😂
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Kanye new tv show ????... #kanyeforpresident - Vine by Ben Tremblay - Kanye new tv show 😍... #kanyeforpresident
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Gerard drops his new single "Money & I" with no warning, the song will be featured on the debut EP "Already Chosen" dropping in the fall. The single hits iTunes on Tuesday and the video will be released in early september along with a huge announcement. 

Written by Gerard! 

Instagram: GerardGrams
Twitter: iwasGerard
Facebook: Gerard Gerard
"Aliens And UFOs" the new single from Gerard featuring Los Angeles Rapper Julian Dova.

Written By Gerard. Rap Verses Written By Julian Dova. 

Free Download:

Recorded with Chi Salaam, Jersey City NJ

Already Chosen EP will release Spring 2015

Continue Supporting "Come Down" on iTunes:

Tonight let it all go
Channel your inner freak 
Even if they watching, lets give them a show….show…show
Have all eyes on us 
Like they see Aliens and UFO’s 
Tonight tell me that you want to get nasty 
I will go deeper cause I know you like it 
Who cares if they watching 
Lets give em a show 
Have all eyes on us 
Aliens and UFO’s
@onedirection We are here for you
AMAZING  RT @MissKlept: Whoever converted Kanyes VMA speech into a Seinfeld stand up is amazing.
It do go down 😂😂😂
Donald Trump said on CNN tonight that the Iran deal might mean that if Israel attacks Iran, the United States would have to fight Israel on Iran’s behalf. Trump told Don Lemon he’s very troubled by the deal and how it doesn’t put more of the onus on Iran. He then claimed that there’s something in the Iran deal saying if someone attacks Iran, “we have to come to their defense.” And so he interpreted that to conclude, “If Israel attacks Iran, according to that deal, I believe the way it reads… that we have to fight with Iran against Israel.” Trump asked Lemon to tell him if that’s the case since he’s the one in the news business. Lemon moved on but one journalist tweeted this out shortly after: Trump: Iran Deal Could Mean We’d ‘Have to Fight with Iran Against Israel’ Trump to Don Lemon: Yes, I Was a Democrat, Like ‘Everybody’ in NYC Donald Trump and Jeb Bush continued on CNN Tuesday evening when Don Lemon appeared to play excerpts from his new interview with the GOP frontrunner, set to air in full at 10 p.m. ET tonight. Specifically, Trump responded to a new campaign ad from Bush that highlights his history as a self-described member of the Democratic Party.

“He mentions that I was, at one point, a Democrat,” Trump said of Bush. “Well, in New York City, everybody was a Democrat, practically. If you run for city council, if you run for political office, whoever wins the Democrat primary is automatically — there was almost no election, because the Republicans hardly exist in New York City. Well, that’s where I was.” Trump went on to compare himself to Ronald Reagan, who also identified as a Democrat before morphing into the conservative Republican president he ultimately became. “At one point, I was a Democrat,” Trump said. “And over the years, as Ronald Reagan changed, I also changed. I became much more conservative. I also became a Republican.” During the era about which Trump is referring, New York City had a Republican mayor in Rudy Giuliani and subsequently elected another Republican mayor in Michael Bloomberg (before he became in Independent), meaning the city must have had at least a few Republican voters. As of April 2011, the city’s voter rolls were reportedly 11.3% Republican.

Watch video below, via CNN:
Drag-On Freestyle Part 10 TRAP EDITION
😍😍😍😍 RT @KidKypree: lmfaoooo
"i miss you"
“@ZoKoul757: I love the Internet” LMAO FAMMMMMMMMM
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Please RT this he died from Cancer 😢 have a heart 💗
Produced by Mic Massive and Directed by Woo The House Cat

Much love to all independent artists,  my goal is to show love to and promote the talent that is overlooked by so many...This is just the beginning, there is much more to come---G

Thank you to everyone that was a part of this video and for our viewers continued support.
Boxer Robin Deakin wins first fight in 9 years after 51 straight losses #NeverGiveUp
Do the Drew. #PinstripePride
Your seats over there, sir. #BIGMike
That winning feeling. #PinstripePride
.@AndrewCohenNYC speaking about the future of #Kingsbridge
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Obama secures votes to protect Iran nuclear deal #WWIII IMMINENT

Harlem, NY

Here’s How Much Your Energy Bill Will Increase Under Obama’s Coal Plan via @deneenborelli

Eastchester, NY

RT @ComplexMag: President Barack Obama snaps a couple selfies in Alaska with Bear Grylls.

Bronx, NY

Minus Michelle, Obama fuels on cinnamon rolls, walnut bread, muffins

Bronx, New York

Sen. Mikulski's Vote Clears The Way For Obama's Deal With Iran: With the approval of Democratic Sen. Barbara M...

Upper manhattan, New York

Hillary Clinton started the Iran communication and ground work for the Iran deal yet every is praising Obama and Kerry. Sexist much?

Bronx, New York

RT @BarackObama: "Few things can have as negative an impact on our economy as climate change." —President Obama #ActOnClimate

Bronx, NY

RT @CNN: President Obama secures enough votes to sustain #IranDeal:

Harlem - New York, NY

merrelloutside : #HIKINGGOALS: trekking Alaska with Obama and Bear Grylls in support of #c…

Bronx, NY

Obama secures votes to protect Iran nuclear deal

bronx NY