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Life Of Shannen's post on Vine - Another to share with you all of Winter the lamb 😘 he comes bouncing down the hall when called 😊 - Life Of Shannen's post on Vine
Jus Reign's post on Vine - Punjabi uncle friends who are listening to hip hop for the first time while they drive to the Dhaliwal family picnic. W/ Babbulicious - Jus Reign's post on Vine
Garret Gibeau's post on Vine - Best rebuttal ever - Garret Gibeau's post on Vine
Kev Smoov #BackOnMaShit's post on Vine - 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Nigga Threatened The Shit Outta These Kids 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 - Kev Smoov #BackOnMaShit's post on Vine
Mark Balet - Rising Son / Running (Music Video)
allycat226's post on Vine - Prancing through the grass 🐷😭😻 #piggy #piglet #cute #baby - allycat226's post on Vine
TWERKit's post on Vine - This nigga photoshopped himself on stage 😂😂😂😂 - TWERKit's post on Vine
Prince Tai's post on Vine - Teachers trying to pronounce ghetto names on the 1st day of school.... - Prince Tai's post on Vine
Russell_McGuan's post on Vine - Couples when they first get together VS. a year later😑😪😂 (w/ Genifer Garbellini ) #realtalk #SZ #MOAY #maybearemakeidk - Russell_McGuan's post on Vine
Biggs's post on Vine - Goodnight 👊 - Biggs's post on Vine
Songify's post on Vine - Tish and CHARLI_XCX drop their new single, Broom Clap🚗 👏 (longer version on gregorybrothers IG) #broomclap #dynamicduo - Songify's post on Vine
MarshaDoeee's post on Vine - #wshh DEE BREEZY‼️ Its Another One💀#fights CarolinaBoii #PrayforPaul, Yani Poonani - MarshaDoeee's post on Vine
Mista Almighty's post on Vine - Thots have no filter......or razor 😧😕🙈 #ThotsBeLike #NoShame - Mista Almighty's post on Vine
YoloStrong's post on Vine - #TeamC4L niggas be like... - YoloStrong's post on Vine
Vimeo - Hands Up
Dirty Whisper Challenge
/-\|\||\|/-\'s post on Vine - good parenting by anna THE NO YELLING SOCK #helpfultips - /-\|\||\|/-\'s post on Vine
Original_Heyta's post on Vine - 😂😂😂😂 #boyifyoudontget - Original_Heyta's post on Vine
HUGE Back to School | End of Summer GIVEAWAY - iPad Mini, Makeup +more!
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When the pussy so good and you nut quick
RT @HamletEJ: The point is to know, if you didnt already, that this is what happens--and update your own behavior based on that:
well done canada. political jokes havent made me laugh this hard in a while --
This dude took paintings to an extreme level
.@DMX for president.
ÚLTIMA HORA: Gus Fring está dando una rueda de prensa en la Casa Blanca:
Best comment so far on #POTUS  pre-#LaborDay presser:
  "The Audacity Of Taupe” via  @youngdegsy  @jaredbkeller
I knew i wasnt the only who use pillows for cover when they dont feel like getting none
Real nigga
This says a lot.
A rare image of a peacock flying
The #UCLdraw is complete and here is the result:
theyre killing the game as a family. 🙌
two of these people are tired of having this conversation
Story time!
I came to get down
I came to get down
So get out your seats and jumper hound
Jumper hound
Jumper hound
Jumper hound
And you may find yourself in a beautiful Oval Office...
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RT @alisonturkos: #NYC Intern Opp: @ProChoiceNY is hiring interns for the fall! And they're offering travel stipends! via @ReproJobs

Brooklyn, NY

We outchea! #helladopenyc with @mrgrae on the decks, I'm next then @djxpect #NYC @lalinealounge

Brooklyn, NY

History in the making as seen en route to the first #NYC @GlobalGlimpse board meeting. Honored to be…


To book @GabrielleAshai_ please visit #Model #Film #TV #Runway #Print #campaign #NYC #DMV


if you see something #nyc #pennstation @ 34th Street – Penn Station

Brooklyn, NY

The #Nets shop at #ConeyIsland #NYC #beach #Brooklyn #basketball @ Nets Shop By Adidas

New York, NY

This sky is pure sex #brooklynbridgepark #brooklyn #bk #nyc #ny #moon #august #summer #summerscreen @…

Brooklyn, NY

I miss my city...emphasis on #MyCity #Brooklyn #NY #NYC

Bedford Stuyvesant

Paul Tabachnek #music #singersongwriter #nyc @ Open Source Gallery


Coming home from @ny_resident event! starbaby_enterprises_nyc is here in #NYC making dreams happen!!…

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