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Lol RT @MrTooChilt: Lol RT @LowKeyUHTN: HOLD THE HELL UP???? RT @TRAKGIRL: Steph Curry.
#BREAKING video of TriBeCa #cranecollapse on 40 Worth St. #pix11news @breaking911
Vine by NBA - Langston Galloway is COOKIN' on NBA on TNT! #NBAVine
Vine by Bleacher Report - Galloway with the fake and finish!
🌹🔥 #EVOL @AppleMusic
Vine by LegionNBA - Langston Galloway, what a move.
Vine by Hockeymotto - Darnell Nurse's parents while he does this 👊🏻👊🏻 #BeatHisAss
#NYR complete the comeback to win 4-2!!! #LGR
Bernie Sanders: "The business model of Wall Street is fraud"
Vine by Entertainment Weekly - who is he ft Jeff Goldblum (IB chloe lmao) #IDR SiriusXM
JUST IN: Video of the #NYC crane collapse as it happened. Absolutely terrifying.
Vine by NBA - Kobe Bryant...the art of the fadeaway! #NBAVine #Vino
Developing: New video of the Lower Manhattan crane crash. Reports 1 person killed, several injuries. @PIX11News
"I gotta do everything in this damn house myself "
NAVY, #ANTI is now in stores worldwide! Pick up your physical copy today!!
When You Close Your Eyes In The Shower 😂😂💀
Big ass crane fell in Manhattan this morning .. Shieeet
Vine by SportsCenter - "Oh Cam, dab for me."
U/D Manhattan: 40 Worth St video of the crane collapsed that killed 1 & injured others.
Orange Is the New Black renewed for 3 more seasons! #OITNB
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Our brother Maurice White passed peacefully in his sleep this morning.

The light is he, shining on you and me.
See yall at the #GRAMMYs February 15 on @CBS at 8e/5p!!
Goodbye Dave Mirra, a true pioneer, icon and legend. Thank you for the memories... we are heartbroken.
@AStrongNevada "The most valuable thing the world has ever produced is America" Dinesh DSousa
@KeenaReagan Where theres socialism theres a denial of Liberty & Property. Where theres welfare theres socialism
Happy Birthday Trayvon Martin! Your story sparked a movement and for that your name will live on! #BlackLivesMatter
France becomes first country to force all supermarkets to give unsold food to needy
A crane has collapsed in lower Manhattan, crushing cars & causing an unknown number of injuries (📷: @KVSaint)
Trayvon Martin wouldve turned 21 today. RIP, we never forgot about you. 🙏🏾👼🏾
@yagerglass We r "driven the horrible feeling that [our cherished] society may cease 2 exist."
@mkmknani Well, the time has come & now its up 2 US. & We must not just think but THOUGHTFULLY ACT.
Happy 21st birthday Trayvon, we remember you and will continue to fight for justice in your name. #TrayvonMartin
If you cant afford to take care of our veterans, then dont send them to war. #DemDebate #DemDebate
One of these women gave birth to the other two. Can you spot the mom?
Share this if you agree. #DemDebate
Today wouldve been Trayvon Martins 21st birthday. 

As a father with one son, this photo gets me every time.
@KeenaReagan "1st prnciple o society s free exercise of industry & possession of the fruit acquired by it Jefferson
Happy birthday #TrayvonMartin. He wouldve been 21 today.
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In my dreams, all the trucks look like this. #ufo907 #graffititruck #nyc #sabu #graffiti


The Boyz | Premiere: 2.8.2016 | Check our website - link in bio! | Follow us on Twitter @TheBoyzNYC #nyc #podcast


2016 New York Fashion Week #ajfergus #ajferguscom #nyfw #nyfwm #NYC #manhattan #fashion #dvf…


Men At Work 2.0 #BotsClothing #HMUR #Brooklyn #NYC #Hoodie #StreetWear #StreetStyle

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RT @littlevd23: @AudreyPuente @LeeGoldbergABC @News12BX @TweetsTheWx @joecioffi Compliments of Mother Nature❄❄#bronx #nyc #snow

Bronx and Brooklyn

Excited to see @realMattHolt @LiaOttaviano @BriOlson @Oneanda3 @Wilco tonight! #HappyFriday #NYC

Brooklyn, NY

RT @jjabraham: JUST IN: Video of the #NYC crane collapse as it happened. Absolutely terrifying.

Brooklyn, NY

@majornelson It was just sleet mostly. Most of it melted away. #NYC

Brooklyn, USA

Perfect winter eve #nyc #brooklyn #prospectpark @ Prospect Park

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@clarkhulings @stropheus It really is! We can't wait to hear the panels insights on this topic #NYC #London #artists

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