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Vine by BaddieWill - "Beyoncé can't dance without choreography."
Vine by RandomDude - EveryBody Say P*ssy And Keep It Goin 😂😂 #everybodysaypussy #SesameStreet #edits #voiceover #childhoodruined #dubsmash #EditRanked
eldrick$'s post on Vine - Vine by iGlo - He just got his ass whooped and walked in crying 😂😂😂😂😂
Vine by xoxlovejulie - 5SOS GETTING SLIMED
Vine by baesil - this was a gif on tumblr so i figured i would make it into a vine
Vine by Esa Fungtastic - Iggy was actually trying to order Chinese Food 😂👲
Vine by Ariana Grande Brasil - Ariana and Justin singing "All That Matters" in Miami 03/28
Vine by Gustavo Vega - Jimmy Butler & Joakim Noah doing The Wave with The Fans #jimmybutler #JOAKIMNOAH
Vine by Ariana Tabraue - As long as you love me 😍 #TheHoneymoonTour
Vine by MrRondeezy - When someone misses you with the bullshit
Ani Caribbean's post on Vine - Vine by Ani Caribbean - That one time where #ChrisBrown said he's "single, f*ck that b*tch"
Vine by Bread Boi - 😂😂😭 Kanye is fucking hilarious 😂
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The Official release of "What You Tryna Get Into" off of the highly anticipated mixtape #TheHype presented by DJ La. This song features NV from Fly High entertainment and Papolito. The video was directed and edited by Crizzynation media production company.
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"@Anti_Intellect: Black Twitter has already started! #KarruecheSpeaks" 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Im literally in tears!
“@WORLDSTARVlNE: SUPA HOT IS BACK 💀😭😂””omg I fucking love him 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Lmaooo RT @bomani_jones: i mean, he put his hands on his hips. he was gonna be there a while.
The HOT official video for Eddie Kaine Bizness Neva Personal track #5 on the Hate Me NOW Mixtape available at twitter/Instagram - @MrEddieKaine
Wildcats survive! 1-seed Kentucky holds on in final seconds to beat 3-seed Notre Dame, 68-66, improves to 38-0.
CEO of Monstar Records puts out smash hit single. #IBetchuWontTurnUp #Clip #Monstar #BetterBang #nawfside follow clip @Clip_monstar
Song Produced By #Tdul

Directed/Shot By: Najee Rawlins
"@5SOS :" LASHTON 💕💕💕
She kilt that RT @tlo_doe: 😂 RT @DillonJaden: GET IT BEY WITH THIS UNRELATED CHOREO!!!!
"@Michael5SOS: I am a slime monster wanting a hug"
what happens to theifs 😳😂
“@WorIdStarVideos: THEY STEPPIN 💢” squad goals
Steve Michalek, father of Connor, accepts the #WarriorAward on behalf of his son. #WWEHOF
Man I just spit out my dinner “@A2daO: Whats yall fucking problem? Like seriously?? 😂”
Im sitting across from Big Show at the Hall of Fame, and hes constantly vaping.
“@SportsNation: Ooooooooooo yeaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

MACHO MAN! #WWEHOF” no. WWF #elizabeth
WGH/URL Battler Steams sounds off on O red,Young Kannon,Danny Myers,Rookies vs Vets,Rookies vs Vets 2,Daylyt and more....
“@ReQCartier: When you & squad hold up traffic to perform ya new record outside #StressFree #TheSuiteLife #FCC” 👏👏
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If whoever faces Kentucky in the Final 4 a day want to try and replicate what Notre Dame did then they're going get beat down

New York, New York

Perfect Survivors: Kentucky Escapes Epic Upset by Irish to Preserve 40-0 Dream: CLEVELAND…

New York City

#FilAmNY Notre Dame almost pulls shocker against unbeaten Kentucky - Chicago Sun-Times #NewYork

New York, NY

RT @BrianHamiltonSI: Notre Dame had a perfect plan to beat Kentucky. It now ponders why that wasn’t enough. Column:

New York, NY

Kentucky 68, Notre Dame 66: Almost 37-1, Kentucky Isn’t Done, Holding Off a Fearless Notre…

New York

#Sports: Notre Dame Is Just the Latest to Almost Defeat Kentucky - New York Times #MixAlotDjz

New York , New York

#FilAmNY Notre Dame Is Just the Latest to Almost Defeat Kentucky - New York Times #NewYork

New York, NY

#FilAmNY Notre Dame Is Just the Latest to Almost Defeat Kentucky - New York Times #NewYork

New York, NY

#FilAmNY Notre Dame Is Just the Latest to Almost Defeat Kentucky - New York Times #NewYork

New York, NY

RT @AshleyJudd: “YES YES YES!! @ESPNStatsInfo: Kentucky didn't miss a shot in the final 12:05 of the game, finishing 9-9 from the field.”

New York City


Greetings from Johannesburg! Arrived safely to airport hotel. Hot shower and bedtime for me.