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Bit obsessed with the entrances for the Women's 4x400m. Brits could learn from the U.S. - Vine by heatworld - Bit obsessed with the entrances for the Women's 4x400m. Brits could learn from the U.S.
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White Americans are the biggest terror threat in U.S., study finds
The #PlannedParenthood shooter is peacefully detained after shooting 5 officers. 

Weve been killed for far less.
Another mass shooting in the United States today, 12th this week, 352nd this year. By all means, lets do nothing.
Robert L. Dear, the #PlannedParenthood shooter & latest domestic terrorist.
Lots of domestic terrorism in the U.S. this week. All angry, armed white guys.
Yahoos prematurely published Rihanna record review is a masterpiece of post-modern non-journalism.
bruh this cop roastin 😂😂
Russ dont give a fuck
REMINDER: Words just mean whatever now.
They killed it 🔥😳
There @Reuters I fixed it for you. #PlannedParenthood @danieljwallis
Is that a mouse? On Mars??…
this is my new fav wisdom teeth video 😂
"Can you breathe?!" 😂😂
Me as a wife
The only money Im spending on Black Friday.
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@stoya I'm so sorry that this happened to you :(


.@stoya love to you. I know it's twitter and all. still, all the love. ❤


I stand with Team @stoya and it crushes me that my friend had to go though this.

brooklyn, ny

I am so, so saddened to hear this. Very much applauding @stoya for her bravery but how awful that it happened.

New York City

My friend @stoya is a very smart, strong and capable person. She came out about being raped by her ex today because the world needs to know.

New York, NY

@mollycrabapple @stoya As someone who didn't, I know what it takes to speak out. *applauds*

New York, NY

The courage of this brilliant woman in confronting a rapist who is powerful in his industry. Solidarity with @stoya

New York City

@stoya <3

brooklyn, ny

@stoya I'm glad you are speaking out and back among friends. Hearing this is making my blood boil. I have infinite respect for you.


@stoya I'm so sorry this happened to you. Thank you so much for speaking out.



Funny Baby (kids) Videos with comedy fun loaded videos - [ Top YouTube Video ]
Take a moment this weekend to pause in the rush of #NYC.
Pretty pastel #sunset in #NYC by @isardasorensen
.@TM_Creations makes some of the best treats in #NYC. This holiday, order treats from Food Business Pathways Grads!
The #holidays are here, plan your #uglysweater #party @tavern29! Call 212-685-4422 for #brunch or #nighttime #nyc
Central Park #NYC
@RadioCity @Rockettes #TinSoldiers. My favorite!!! #NYC
Its officially #Truffle season in #NYC!!! Here are the best dishes in town
Fall leaves are still smiling. Central Park #NYC by @C77Linds
OneWTC in #sunset lights. #newyork #NYC by @JayOBs via @nyonair
RT takako4442: RT Piclogy: Fall in Central Park, #NYC | Photography by ©Chris Ford
Central Park by @nyonair #nyc via @nycfeelings
RT anesmonamour: RT EarnKnowledge: Awesome picture of Central Park, New York. #NYC
Let’s keep moving #NYC. Join us in celebrating the #causes tackling big issues in NYC:
Ice skating @rockcenternyc was a #DreamComeTrue! #ILoveNY #NYC


The #PlannedParenthood shooter is peacefully detained after shooting 5 officers. Weve been killed for far less.
White man, AK-47, active shooter taken alive Black 12yo, toy gun, shot on sight #PlannedParenthood #BlackLivesMatter
Robert L. Dear, the #PlannedParenthood shooter &amp; latest domestic terrorist.
Before saying the #PlannedParenthood shooter looks "crazy" in his mugshots, know they made him take his glasses off
A neighbor of the @PPact shooter said that the man once told him Obama should be impeached.


CONGRATULATIONS, @vardy7! Jamie Vardy scores for the 11th #BPL match in a row #LEIMUN
RECORD: Jamie Vardy is the first player in Premier League history to score in 11 consecutive games. You heard us...
Jamie Vardys record-breaking goal vs. Manchester United (first player in PL history to score in 11 straight games)
BREAKING: Jamie Vardy has set a new Premier League record. Watch #SNF now on SS1:
PHOTO The magic moment when Jamie Vardy became a #BPL record-breaker. Its still 1-0 (39 mins) #LEIMUN
HISTORY! Jamie Vardy sets new #BPL record by scoring in 11 consecutive games #LCFC 1-0 #MUFC
Somebody changed King Power Stadiums Wikipedia to show its now owned by Jamie Vardy. #VardyParty (h/t @Klanning0)
JAMIE VARDY SCORES! Hes scored in 11 consecutive Premier League games!
BREAKING: Jamie Vardy sets a new Premier League record! 11 consecutive games with a goal.
Jamie Vardy. Premier League record breaker, scoring in his last 11 Premier League apps. 13 goals in that time. #LCFC
Gary Neville on Jamie Vardys record goal: "Manchester United used to counter-attack like that."
Full story: Jamie Vardy scores in ELEVENTH consecutive game to take Premier League record
Sarasota was an unbelievable success. We expected 5,000, a record, but 12,000 showed up! Great love in the air!
We boarded the helicopter for Sarasota earlier &amp; will be landing soon! See you there. #Trump2016
A great afternoon in Sarasota, Florida today! Thank you for all of your support! #Trump2016 #MakeAmericaGreatAgain
What an unbelievable event in Sarasota, Florida! @realDonaldTrump #MakeAmericaGreatAgain
@realDonaldTrump has entered the building.
Heavy support for @realDonaldTrump today in Sarasota
PHOTO: Massive Crowd in #Sarasota for @realDonaldTrump . 5,000 inside, hearing that there’s another 5,000 outside.
#TwistedSister approves of @realDonaldTrump using their music on the campaign trail:
Giving #TrumpForceOne a break today, @realDonaldTrump arrives in Sarasota, Florida via chopper. #Trump2016
What @realDonaldTrump supporters really think about race and religion: (Reuters)
Line extends for at least a mile outside @realDonaldTrump rally in #Sarasota @WFLA
Line is 5 BLOCKS LONG to see @realDonaldTrump in Sarasota, FL #MakeAmericaGreatAgain @KristinnFR


a Message from the Syrian people to the World (1) #Syria #Thanksgiving #ISIS #ISIL #Raqqa
Syrian man repays German hospitality by feeding homeless in Berlin
A Syrian refugee says he is spending his Saturdays cooking food for the homeless
There are now more Syrians who are displaced or refugees than there are Syrians whove remained in their homes @hrw
Russian raids repeatedly hit Syrian Turkmen areas, Moscows data shows
Another terrorist attack, still no Syrian refugees. #PlannedParenthood
a Message from the Syrian people to the World (2) #Syria #Thanksgiving #ISIS #ISIL #Raqqa
After visiting refugee camp, Carson says Syrian refugees should stay in Middle East
The aunt of a Syrian boy who drowned in the Aegean Sea says family is coming to Canada:


TYSON FURY BECOMES WORLD CHAMPION. 115-112, 115-112, 116-111. Klitschko is beaten.
Tyson Fury celebrated winning the heavyweight title by singing Aerosmith to his wife... badly
A new heavyweight champion! 6-foot-9 Tyson Fury upsets Wladimir Klitschko by unanimous decision. #klitschkofury
Tyson Fury, a man who once punched himself in the face, is the heavyweight champion of the world. #klitschkofury
On this day in 2006, The Clipse released Hell Hath No Fury.
Clipses Hell Hath No Fury, an album EVERYONE should consider classic, turns nine today.
CONGRATULATIONS: Tyson Fury is crowned the new heavyweight champion of the world!
Tyson Fury is in Klitschkos head. Fury gaining a lot of confidence in this sloppy fight. #KlitschkoFury
Mind games from Fury, who holds his arms behind his back. Seven gone. Fury doing well.
Watch Tyson Fury sing Aerosmith to his wife after winning the world heavyweight title
Fury stuns Klitschko to win world heavyweight title (Pic: Reuters)
OMG! We literally cant even. (Welcome to death by Internet hyperbole.)
A man once imprisoned in Guantánamo is leading a fight against ISIS and the Taliban
Obama on the Planned Parenthood shooting: "Enough is enough"
He lost his sisters and 13 close friends in the Paris attacks
Some turn to church; others, to CrossFit
Why does @nytimes coverage of yesterdays terrorist attack on @PPFA legitimize the debunked videos? @Sulliview
100 notable books of 2015, from the NYT Book Review
$21 million: How much Lauren Bacalls 3-bedroom New York apartment was sold for.
100 notable books of 2015, from the NYT Book Review
RT! #GMO salmon has been approved... and it will NOT be labeled! #LabelGMOs @NYTimes


me: i hate stamps donald trump: i hate stamps me:
Support for Donald Trump dropped by 12 percent in one week
Nas shares his views on Donald Trump
Donald Trump is a “fascist”--that’s not an insult. It’s the political label that fits best:
Anti-Science NBC News Concludes that Donald Trump’s Supporters Are Racists
Donald Trump says he was mocking reporters groveling, not disability:
Donald Trump mocks a reporters disability, says that he didnt:


Its high time we call clinic violence what it is: domestic terrorism. WTF about these numbers is "pro life"?
Dear Media: Abortions are 3% of #PlannedParenthoods services. Please stop calling it an "abortion clinic."
Clinic violence is domestic terrorism. Tell the DOJ to #InvestigateClinicViolence:
Looking back... Mumma we made it
Happy born day to @TreySongz! Celebrate w/ his new mixtape, #ToWhomItMayConcern: #2DBZ
.@TreySongz just surprised us all with a fresh mixtape that is absolute fire. ????????????????
.@TreySongz and @DJmustard have blessed us with another banger ????
I promise you, 31 NEVER looked this good????????????????????@TreySongz
.@TreySongz just dropped a surprise mixtape #ToWhomItMayConcern Donload it:
Happy birthday @TreySongz !
Happy gday @TreySongz ! U outdid yaself! #ToWhomItMayConcern
My boy trigga done dropped a fire mixtape @TreySongz ????
LMFAOOOO @TreySongz im crying look at this
.@TreySongz pens an emotional letter to fans (exclusive) #TWIMC
@TreySongz happy birthday man, youre my favorite r n b singer