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This girls face on @CNN is EVERYTHING. 🙄😂 #mythoughtsexactly
She gave me her CD at gas station. She 74 rapping for Jesus.
Vine by Bleacher Report - 😏😏😏
well now i'm just thinking about this moment again.
Greatest video in TL history
Vine by Bleacher Report - Riley Curry reminding voters who to vote for next year...or else. (via Twitter/abc7newsBayArea)
Vine by DontéMacc - Obama is real lmaoo 😂
.@POTUS: 👉🏾 @HillaryClinton: 👈🏻 #DemsInPhilly
Donald Trump calls on reporters like he's selecting a delicious chocolate treat from the royal chocolatier.
The DNC tonight, essentially: #DemsInPhilly
Hillary Clinton joins President Obama onstage at the #DemConvention. #DemsInPhilly
This will forever be known as one of the best finishes to a game
Trump says Tim Kaine did "a terrible job" in New Jersey. Tim Kaine was a mayor, governor and senator in Virginia.
Obama on crowd booing over Trump:
Obama: Don't Me going to the polls:
So #FreddieGray's death was ruled a homicide but no one is responsible for his murder?
I am witnessing the second coming of Jesus Christ at Dave and busters right now
.@POTUS says 'I'm so proud' to @HillaryClinton #DemsinPhilly
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Lmaoooooooooo Malawian newspaper really used that pic of all pics. Ati "photograph BBC" Dead dead dead
We love you back, @POTUS.
Young Kaine, Sanders, Clinton, and Obama look like they would make a kick-ass indie band. #DemsInPhilly
ONLY THE FACTS: young joe biden was a DIME. PIECE
HRC: "I need you to destroy Donald Trump. Absolutely ether him. Say malarkey too."

Joe: "Say no more fam."
I could no longer withhold this from you all! My secret is out... I am Donatello
Thank you @KillerMike for advocating for the issues that are affecting working-class Americans across our country.
They tried the wrong one... Shes a str8 SAVAGE
Air Tim Kaines:
Heres a screenshot of that @NCGOP tweet about @timkaine, since they deleted it. #DemsInPhilly
is some thing wrong with my gmail i cant even read this fund raising email tbh
Hillary Clintons campaign responds to Donald Trumps call for Russia to hack her email
Hillary Clinton, first woman to win the presidency! Lets put a big pic of her husband on the front page!
When you see Barack Obama leaving the White House in 2017.
People are sharing photos of their grandmas celebrating Hillary Clinton’s nomination
simple proof of enduring sexism: no Hillary, or even a woman, on the front page after 1st woman nominated president
47 years ago I submitted my travel voucher reimbursement for my trip to the moon. #Apollo11
Tomorrows front page...
LOCK HIM UP: Comrade Trumps treasonous call for Russia to hack Hil
I need to start a thread of photos of Rihanna leaving restaurants with the wine glass
In 1995 Walmart pulled "Someday a woman will be president" T-shirt from shelves, saying it offended "family values."
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RT @George_Arey: As the father of two little ladies, and because of @HillaryClinton I can now say "yes you can"! Thank you #POTUS

Brooklyn, NY (Bed-Stuy)

RT @KatieQLowes: #POTUS has me crying like a thousand times. All men are created equal, yes, but President Obama is a special one. 🇺🇸 #DemsInPhilly

Brooklyn, NY (Bed-Stuy)

RT @BrandonSprague: After watching the Obama speech on DVR... #POTUS


RT @Delo_Taylor: No speech will erase #BarackObama's legacy of drone war crimes, mass deportations & criminalization of government whistleblowers. #POTUS


RT @Ricky_Vaughn99: here come dat #POTUS

Brooklyn, NY

RT @Ricky_Vaughn99: 6 months til' #POTUS

Brooklyn, NY

RT @KofieYeboah: This the best #POTUS vine of them all in case y'all forgot.

Long Island / Brooklyn

RT @AdamParkhomenko: NY Times Front Page Thursday. #POTUS x 2

Brooklyn, NY

RT @Darren32895836: MORE CHAOS AT DNC .. Not the lovely picture Failed #POTUS & @CNN paint!Failed BarackObama

Brooklyn, NY

RT @enews: #POTUS Barack Obama says Hillary Clinton is more qualified to be president than him:





They spoke in cheap, petty terms beneath the dignity of a convention. Hi, Im Trump spokeswoman Mildred Pierce.