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Vine by Brian Waddington - Views of the King #Lebron Cavs #nbafinals #raptors #drake
When @Beyonce thinks the song is over but the audience has other ideas #FormationWorldTour
Angela Simmons on the Breakfast Club in January 2016... Life comes at you fast 👶🏽😩😂 @cthagod is a prophet lmao
they cute or whatever
Vine by @World_Wide_Wob - "Hey LeBron, huge Cavs fan here. Got a second for a selfie?"
Vine by Faizal Khamisa - LeBron James yelled at Drake after a dunk. Drake continued to drink.
Prince shade of will never not be funny
Vine by SportsCenter - When the press conference is taking too long....
Nigga gotta be drunk off the Henny tryna eat @iamcardib ass 😂😂😂 #memorialdayweekend
Sorry, Toronto it’s over in 6ix
Vine by Bleacher Report - JR Smith was getting impatient 😂
Beating level 15 in Respeck On My Name game got me like 😍😍😍😍
Happy Memorial Day from Wizzop
When your squad beats level 30 in "Respeck On My Name" game 😍😍😍😍😍😍
beating high score in Respeck On My Name game got me & bae like 😍😍😍😍😍🔥
Vine by SportsCenter - ¡Hala Madrid! Real Madrid are the Champions League winners!
When Selena beats level 35 on "Respeck on my name" game 😍💘
SORRY but we didnt steal this 🙏🏻 @justinbieber @bloodpop
Beating level 50 in the "Respeck On My Name" App got me like Beyonce 😍😍😍😍😍😍
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Being creative... With Adlibs.... I wanna make it get wet. 
Wanna kiss on your neck.
Wanna suck on your breast. 
Wanna lick on your body.... Wanna act all naughty....
Youre a sexy hot shawty.
 Youre my tender sweet Roni...
Gotta side that looks freaky, 
you be making me horny.
 If I said that you didnt 
That would make me a phony. 
How u want it, just show me.
Eat it up, beat it up. 
Thats the magical touch.
 Nah this aint no lust. 
This is just between us.
Girl, you give me a rush. Give me such a good feeling. This is sexual healing.
Spoken word... Hot passionate love
#PowerBy4RealEze … cc 4real042 DonMaseratte042 #KentuckeyClothings
Ladies: When was the last time?
Spanking New #LevelByJlollz #KentuckeyClothings
This isnt "just jokes." These are ideas that get perpetuated in real life.These men should be ashamed of themselves
Weve acquired @theloney_s from San Diego for cash considerations. #Mets
This is what they think of us. Thats why black women have to be twice as good. Never get complacent. Never.
When you fake mad at your MCM RT @JoMosely: #Still
Dark UI patterns on the @verizonfios website. Number of agents "waiting" for a call is a randomly generated number.
So grateful I came across this picture... with the o.g. crew during one of the most cherished times of my life. #fbf
"most cherished times of my life"
@teekat1 Because if we dont feel SAFE we cant feel free. Thanks To All!
Honestly this describes most of my Saturdays.
@theabundantgift Where theres SOCIALISM theres a denial of LIBERTY& PROPERTY. Where theres welfare theres socialism”
That moment when you, a queen, come across another queen, and discuss how best to maximise your joint slay
When you order something online vs when it arrives
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#ImNotGettingUp because it is too darn hot in #NYC.

Brooklyn, NY

I guess my neighborhood has some similarity to the 80's NYC.. #NYC #Brooklyn #bedstuy…

Manhattan, New York

If anyone writing a #horrormovie needs inspiration, just stop by the beach in #NYC and check out the horseshoe crabs. #cearturefeature

Brooklyn, NY

#Theory x #Logic x #Abstract | #Follow | #Twitter | @bishxish | #Art | #Fashion | #Music | #Photography | #NYC

Brooklyn, NY

RT @Snowden: #NYC builds lights to watch black communities; Journalist discovers it's not the first time:

Brooklyn, NY

RT @WBLS1075Music: Now Playing: I Can Love You by Mary J. Blige #WBLS1075 #NYC #RNB


@Sprint4DMV @sprint I did the switch from t-mobile last week in #NYC and I am very happy about it. thanks, Sprint

Brooklyn, NY

#Theory x #Logic x #Abstract | #Follow | #Instagram | @bishxish | #Art | #Fashion | #Music | #Photography | #NYC

Brooklyn, NY


Brooklyn, NYC

"Don't be paranoid. You look Great." From @SchizophrenicNY #schizophrenia #nyc #mhealth #fashion

Brooklyn, NY