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This dunk 😱 (via @jordynadams10)
Vine by Sarah Wood - This woman's face when Trump has the nerve to call Hillary a "bigot" 😂😂😂 #Trump
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🏦RT @thisisIRV: Fam she SNAPPED 😯 RT @OmgAddy Bro NY & Toronto got the hottest artist in the game 😳😭😭😭😭
JADA SPOT IN THE TOP 5 HAS BEEN SOLIDIFIED RT @itsbizkit: That one time Jadakiss hit a windmill
@Nigel_Farage "Message is clear, you have a fantastic opportunity with this campaign #MAGA go out & beat Washington"
Yo. @DonQhbtl went OFF.
This is so satisfying thanks so much
- Vine by aswad
eu perdi essa batalha roubado, mas essa rima foi pica
This is why I call her munch monster 😂😂
- Vine by aswad
my heart 😫😍 this is too cute!
Completely forgot I'd done a talk show with Donald Trump. #tbt
captain america: civil war - bloppers
Vine by House of Highlights (Official) - Yo 😳 (via Twitter/Jordynadams10)
It's been 15 years since the world lost #Aaliyah. Here's why she will forever & ALWAYS be the Princess of R&B 💔
#IfAfricaWasASchool Teacher: *talks about colonization* Ethiopia & Liberia:
This left me speechless. Please don't text and drive 😭
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My little sister first day of college.....
Trump hired the head of Breitbart "News" to be CEO of his campaign. Heres a sample of their work:
When you complete just 1/37 things on your to-do list
SAINT PABLO starting in 4 hrs
leslie jones doing things she loves and worked hard for. these are the pictures we should be sharing #LoveForLeslieJ
Happy 25th birthday, #Linux! Heres your f-ing #cake, go ahead and compile it yourself.
this is the start of a good senior year
#BigASSCollegeParty The Only MOVE😈 #GSU20 Dont Be Fooled🗣
📲 4048036288 for tickets !!
"I wanted to suck your soul out tonight but its cool, youre out with your boys. Have fun."
You guys

I have a new favorite supervillain
Aug 25, 2001

RIP Aaliyah
Eric Forman
Anthony Dodd
Scott Gallin
Keith Wallace
Chris Maldonado
Doug Kratz
Gina Smith
Blackboard Notification:
Exam One Score: 26%
"You forgot I follow your boys on snap ? LOL"
id like to formally announce that we have found the biggest moron in all of new york city
#Aaliyah15yearsLater I can still hear your Laughter😀U have inspired SO MANY musically/style u will NEVER b 4Gotten❤️
#AltRightMeans having to make the tough decisions.
When Rihanna and Drake get into an argument.
Actual headline on CNN right now.
Raiders file trademark for "Las Vegas Raiders". Take a look at their proposed stadium 😳
you gotta do what you gotta do 😹
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#sunset #Brooklyn #NYC

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Straphangers go berserk after woman tosses bugs in subway car via @NYPost #NYC

Brooklyn, New York

Drinks with a view. #nyc


had to take my new @gatorcases 10 unit rack case on the train...I'm now that guy with a large object at rush hour that everyone hates. #NYC

Brooklyn, NY

Viewing the Deep clouds. Brooklyn, New York. 2016. #nyc🗽 #brooklyn #clouds☁ #like❤️ @…

Brooklyn, New York.

😨 no!!! #mickymouse #dumbo #nyc

Brooklyn, NY

#FreedomTower #NYC - just a little lunchtime view!

Brooklyn, NY

RT @TIDALHiFi: #NYC! Visit select @sprint stores now to attend @fatjoe's #TIDALXCookin premiere

Brooklyn, NY

Critterzs Nyc #critterzsnyc #nyc #critterzs @ Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 2

Brooklyn, NY

Tardy de fotos com @leandrojusten 💣 #NYC @ Bushwick Ave Brooklyn NY

São Paulo, Brasil.