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- Vine by LEX-ENT
Quick shoutout to the crowdsurfing trash can during Attila's set at Warped today WarpedTourFamily - Vine by Alissa DeCarlo - Quick shoutout to the crowdsurfing trash can during Attila's set at Warped today WarpedTourFamily
Stephen A. is NOT happy with Phil Jackson. - Vine by SportsCenter - Stephen A. is NOT happy with Phil Jackson.
"A pump fake at the freethrow line!!"???? Like if you would do this???? #TheZone #OnlyBasketball - Vine by Only Basketball - "A pump fake at the freethrow line!!"😂 Like if you would do this👍 #TheZone #OnlyBasketball
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Lmfaoooo RT"@MeekMill: Here it gooooooooo lets get it 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥"
When Jordan was old and washed that pump fake became his go to move.
this, is hilarious. RT @JUSS_JRICH  Flex going to sign off Hot 97 tonight like
When you click on the wrong remix
😂😂😂 RT @TunisianHero: CN Tower in Toronto is Charged Up 😂😂 Drake got a whole city backing him up 😂😂😂
RT @NoahShachtman: NEW TONIGHT.... Ex-wife: Donald Trump made me feel ‘violated’ during sex
Good night baby
Say it ain’t so! RT BREAKING: Rockies trade SS Troy Tulowitzki to Blue Jays for Jose Reyes & minor leaguers.
Welcome to Tech Insider! Step into the future with us.
Then Donald Trumps attorney said this out loud to a reporter
Congrats Jen Welter, who joins the @AZCardinals as a training camp/preseason intern, coaching inside linebackers!
*NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED*** "This video uses copyrighted material in a manner that does not require approval of the copyright holder. It is a fair use under copyright law.

Well, it was such a pleasure FINALLY to make a video with amazing Blacka Di Danca and dance this cute choreo)
Choreo:Blacka Di Danca
Dancers:Blacka Di Danca feat Fraules 
Video and edit: Andrey Boyko
Brittney Griner Gets New GF After Leaving Her Wife and Kids (Photos)
The ultimate birthday boy? No @MLB player has more career HRs on their birthday than @AROD.
Good! It needs it bad! “@CNN: New Yorks LaGuardia get a $4 billion facelift:”
The only Flex we acknowledge
Brooklyn, stay the FUCK away from Frank Midnite. (MASSIVE TW abuse, rape, includes photos)
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RT @JenDelgadoTWC: #heatwave for #NYC #Heat advisory in effect from Noon today until 6pm Wednesday for 5 Burroughs. #amhq

New York City

MY FAVORITE PERSON ???#10months #bae #NYC #williamsburg #love #thecoolest @ Williamsburg Bridge

Berlin Kreuzberg

nydailynews: Tax issues shouldn’t affect naturalization process #nyc

New York, NY

Evening at The Theatre with soyjhonkelly. #VSCOcam #nyc #lincolncenter @ Lincoln Center for the… via @prgomez

New York, NY

Awesome....Glad they let us know! #nyc #mta

New York, NY

#90s #PopCulture #Trivia @PeopleLoungeNYC next #Monday, August 3 at 8pm. RSVP at; #NYC #LiveMoreNYC #EastVillage

New York, NY



Events at Brooklyn Bridge Park This Coming Week – Brooklyn Heights Blog (blog)... #news #newyork #NYC

New York, USA

RT @TJMarconi: Can't wait to kick these #NewJersey phonies all around the #Diamond Sat .@CTWCharity get ready for a #NYC beat down


#TopCities on #NYC #Seoul #LA #Houston #SaoPaulo #Beijing #Paris #SanDiego #Chicago #SanFran #Dallas #googleanalytics

First on CNN: Ivana Trump walks back her rape accusation against @realDonaldTrump from 1989:
On @Newsmax_Media w/ @ricblackwell alongside talented @larryelder discussing @realDonaldTrump
@realDonaldTrump My Nephew at NYMA The school our 2016 PRESIDENT "YOU" graduated from in 1964.