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In honor of Greg Jennings retirement announcement let's relive the greatest play of his career
Coming in hot. 🔥 #MooseMondays
Greg Jennings may be retired but this video will live on forever 🐐🐐🐐
this 4 year old made a make up tutorial and it's the best thing I've ever seen 😂
Who remember this commercial? So dope
Announcing the 2016-2017 UB Distinguished Speakers Series lineup! #UBuffalo
This made my day
his girlfriend worked a whole month on his present and its the best & cutest thing ive ever seen 😭😭
Wise words to live by
I think this gif has potential to outlast the election season. @NBCNightlyNews
he gave her a puppy for an anniversary gift 😭😍🐶
I need the full story 😂😂
BREAKING: Mutant Ninja Turtles are main suspects after geyser of water breaks through Sheridan Rd | Vid by Rocco Z.
Vine by SportsCenter - Proud papa.
2 years ago today, Bobby Shmurda dropped 'Hot N*gga'
best reality tv moment ever
Vine by Tore P - Our future commander-in-chief right there 🇺🇸
Susan Sarandon is having literally the worst time at the #DemConvention
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Thanks for your hospitality #Buffalo back to work 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽
Gracias @buffalobisons por su hospitalidad.....ahora de regreso al trabajo 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽
BUFFALO: @1033TheEdge sent me a pair of tix to give away for #Edgefest2016 @CanalsideBflo 07/31 FOLLOW+RT to enter!
Happy birthday to the one and only Nathan Scott/James Lafferty! 31 has never looked so good 😍
BREAKING: NFL reinstates Josh Gordon on a conditional basis. He will be suspended the first 4 games of season.
RT if you need these in your life.
Buffalo, New York
VIDEO: Sheridan Drive #Amherst water main break.
Were thrilled to announce that 142 companies are moving on to the 43North Semifinals!
Thank you! #MakeAmericaGreatAgain
"I miss high school."
"I still talk to the people I graduated with."
"Best 4 years of my life."
The geyser from the water main break on Sheridan in Amherst has been stopped, but check out the road.
Thank you, Philadelphia! #DemsInPhilly
Michael Jordans full statement to @TheUndefeated:
RT for a chance to win todays featured #HUT item!
me: idk what to wear 😕
my friends: wear something simple, its just a small hangout
The 🐐 breaks his silence.
This is the boy @FLOTUS mentioned in her speech who asked if @POTUS had hair like his. Photo on WH wall for 8 years.
RT TO WIN: Sephora 50$ gift card 🎁
Must be following so I can dm the winner
More photos of the damage from the water main break on Sheridan and Sunrise @news4buffalo
Met in college, graduated with our BA, got engaged, did long distance, now married. A lot can change in 4 years.
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RT @WORLDSTAR: Amazing speech from Michelle Obama at the DNC 👏


RT @latimesnational: Michelle Obama's stunning convention speech: 'When they go low, we go high'

Buffalo, NY

RT @CNN: Michelle Obama's #DemConvention speech: "When they go low, we go high" #DemsInPhilly

Buffalo, NY

@juliepage26 Hey Julie What do you think about Michelle plagiarism?

Buffalo, NY

RT @TODAYshow: Michelle Obama at #DNC in 2008, 2012, and 2016 #DemsInPhilly

Buffalo, NY

RT @iKeepItTooReal: "My girl Michelle........I brag different" #DemsInPhilly

Buffalo, New York

The Emotional Conclusion Of Michelle Obama’s Epic Speech To The Democratic Convention: The First Lady brought the…

Buffalo, NY

RT @Expert_Option: Michelle Obama Takes on Trump: 'Don't Let Anyone Ever Tell You That This Country Isn't Gre…

Buffalo NY

RT @PolitiFact: New! Michelle Obama correct that the White House was built by slaves: #DemsInPhilly

Buffalo, NY

RT @ditzkoff: Michelle Obama: "I wake up every morning in a house that was built by slaves."

Buffalo NY


This is the boy @FLOTUS mentioned in her speech who asked if @POTUS had hair like his. Photo on WH wall for 8 years.
Oh shit Im speaking at the DNC yall. Ill be on at 9:10 eastern/6:10 pacific @DEMCONVENTION
The new era of @WWE was just punctuated by a #BankStatement. Congratulations @SashaBanksWWE!! #Raw #TrueBoss
The #NewEra officially has its first NEW CHAMPION! Congratulations, @SashaBanksWWE! #RAW #WomensTitle
Be so good they cant ignore you! #NewEra #WomensWrestling #LegitBoss
What a way to kick off a #NewEra for the @WWE Womens division... #RAW @SashaBanksWWE
Her first three words after winning the @WWE #WomensTitle? "I DID IT!" #RAW @SashaBanksWWE
He dropped his toy and focused on #raw the second @SashaBanksWWE came out
Congrats to @SashaBanksWWE tonight for winning an awesome match. Im so proud of you girls, the 4 Horsewomen! #RAW






This is the boy @FLOTUS mentioned in her speech who asked if @POTUS had hair like his. Photo on WH wall for 8 years.