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April 24,1915 it was 99 years ago today 1.5 million Armenians were killed in a massacre. Lets not stay in denial because it happened! Lets recognize it! #forgettingisntanoption  #armeniangenocide
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19 years of age in my very first apartment in Providence, RI. #tbt

Burbank, CA

#tbt with itsatravisty ❀️

Hollywood, CA

Moments. #tbt

North Hollywood

My first ever #tbt - a flexidisc I just found from 1995. I can't remember where I got this.


#tbt to when I had blonde hair.

Hollywood, CA

New year's eve photo! #tbt

Hollywood, CA

RT @WhoSay: Happy #TBT: @freddurst, @TheRealLailaAli, @TimmyDaly, @realtimpocock, @RedDonovan, @grettamonahan, @HarryCook:



Los Angeles

RT @MichelleMW81: Was going through pics on my phone #tbt 2011 indiana black expo @wesleyjonathan I love those dimples!

Hollywood, Ca

#Tbt She will be loved for all ETERNITY! #MyPrincess #MyTwin #Khamani

Hollywood, Ca


RT @SportsCenter: Russell Westbrook & Kevin Durant have each had CRAZY 4-pt plays to help force OT. OKC has lost both games to Memphis.
RT @Ohmeomy: Oracle Arena dressed in Gold for gm 3 Clippers v Warriors. Switch over to Prime Ticket from TNT after OKC-Memphis gm
Memphis fans after that 4 point play...


RT @Gvmby: Bae: Come over. Me: I dont have a car. Bae: Im horny. Me:
RT @FreddyAmazin: "bae caught me slippin"
Bae hasnt replied in 5 mins.. Its time..
bae: come over me: my snack is stuck in the machine bae: no one is home me:
RT @Fvnxy: When bae turns out to be a hoe
Bae: Come over. Me: I dont have a car. Bae: Im horny. Me:
RT @CommonBlackGirI: when bae uploads a new selfie
RT @SammyTellem: when bae doesn’t text back ο˜‚ο’―
THESE ARE THE ALIEN SQUIDS FROM THE FACULTY RT @trillyshugs Bout to fry these up quick for bae ☺️❀️
RT @MindlessBhavior: love this! thanks! RT @OneJadenator: @PeacePunkPrince i drew you bae @PeterDeeTM @MindlessBhavior i love you loaaads!
β€œ@TypicaIBoys: when bae uploads a new selfie” bae @ddlovato 
RT @juantarentino: When you find out baes a hoe
When bae be like .. "Gimme kiss" . Oh wait I dont have a bae! #ForeverAlone lol


RT @SportsCenter: No. 1 seed Pacers trail Hawks, 2-1. No. 2 seed Thunder trail Grizzlies, 2-1. Anything can happen in NBA Playoffs.
RT @TheHerd: Despite losing game 3 to the Hawks, we still think the Pacers are feeling pretty darn confident! #HERD
RT @SportsNation: Things have steadily declined for the Pacers since THIS...