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people deadass payed to see THIS
And, then @Beyonce did this. #BlackLivesMatter
Steph Curry
Vine by Bernie Sanders - What did I think of the #GOPDebate? Not good enough. Watch Saturday Night Live instead.
#madamecoco madamecoco ,madame coco ,online gaspın yeni adı ,biz alışveriş yaptıktan sonra coco dansı yapıyorlar
Black people never disappoint lmao
That's mean af 😂
Avery. Bradley.
Vine by RaiderZilla - Tom Brady reaction never gets old.
71 years ago today a legend was born R.I.P Bob Marley, your gifts & knowledge continue to change the world
I'm The Map
may you be as happy as this dog is
Vine by Harrison Barnes - Story of my life.
Vine by Independent Journal Review - Dr Carson's debate entrance #GOPDebate
Vine by AA. - Can someone explain to me how planes fly backwards? #FrenchOpen
Vine by SportsCenter - When you take down No. 2.
The Jackson 5 did not die for this
Rodgers + Rodgers 😆😆😆 #NFLHonors
Vine by OMARYBABY - Happy Valentine's Day💘😘🌹
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“Look at that, you son of a bitch."
Deadpool just checking up on me.
i hate this picture

you cant even see my darth vader light-up sneakers
La "TVpordentro" es más divertida porque están ustedes dos!! @alantacher @ricardoescobar
Have a great #SuperBowl #weekend via / #ZikaVirus
De mis cantantes favoritos!! Querido @amaurymusica siempre es un gusto verte! Con su voz poderosa y amorosa te sacude el alma! Mantequilla para mi oídos!! Me encanta siempre que me grita al cielo... PURAVIDA! ✌🏻️
My followers 16 to 35 STILL HERE TY<3U! @HillaryClinton #ImWithHer No unfollows au contraire! #millennialsforHillary
Great luncheon w/ my friends @budlight talking #SB50 @NFL history #SanFrancisco #MyTeamCan @superbowl50 @MKTGDNA
The Greatest Running Back of All Time 
#SuperBowl50 @MarcusAllenHOF #RaiderNation #football
ONE DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE CAN WIN 9 in 10 AMERICANS:NO SOCIALIST. #PresidentObama #ImWithHer #progressive #electable
We Rise By Lifting Others! @10MillionMiler @DavidKWilliams #quote #leadership #inspiration RT @SharonWalpole
RT@InspiringThinkn @davidkwilliams  Be a rainbow in someone elses cloud. Maya Angelou
dogs are so precious oh my god 😍
7 Reasons Entrepreneurs Need Thick Skin @DavidKWilliams @MaryMichelleS &amp; @MJGottlieb
Runners-up at the 2015 big game each got $49K. You could win more than that by RTing. #EsuranceSweepstakes #SB50
38 years ago today. The reason people still needlessly stock up on milk and bread. The blizzard of 78.
#ShawnWorldTourOnsale today for most North American dates tweet if ur going ! 🤘🏼❤️
RT & follow @OriginalFunko for a chance to win a Poseidons Rage Kratos Pop! SIX WINNERS CHOSEN!
A young @POTUS is first profiled in The New York Times 26 years ago today.
Cam Newton has won the 2015 AP NFL Most Valuable Player award.
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RT @mashable: .@TedCruz says he'd employ just a smidgen of torture if elected president. But not a lot. A little bit. #GOPDebate

Cambridge, MA

RT @daveanthony: Hey, speaking of pro life, why won’t Republicans give Flint emergency funding? #GOPDebate


RT @donnabrazile: Final thoughts: Tonight, Chris Christie went after Marco Rubio! The only thing missing was Batman sound effects--WHAM! POW! #GOPDebate

Massachusetts, USA

RT @feministabulous: Something very odd about candidates on stage being unanimously for women in combat, and against abortion. #GOPDebate


RT @SEDLAW15: What about a woman's choice to vote for candidate of her choice? #GOPDebate #NotHereForBoys

Massachusetts, USA

RT @feministabulous: So women should have the right to die in combat, but not have the right to choose #GOPDebate


RT @jameshaning: That final statement by #DonaldTrump on #TedCruz theft of #BenCarson's votes was priceless. The fraud clan all around! #GOPDebate


RT @guypbenson: Please join me in congratulating @mkhammer on a job very well done! #GOPDebate

Proud Bostonian, Massachusetts

RT @BBCNewsUS: That moment when Donald Trump told Jeb Bush to be "quiet" at the #GOPDebate


RT @conservinews: Trump calling out Cruz at the end. Kill shot. #GOPDebate

Cambridge, MA