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Now this is a pool party @Drake
I feel bad for laughing 😫😂
I'm obsessed with Twenty88 😭😍
New Kanye West snippet, Big sean and Ian Connor in the studio.
Like controllllaaaaa #views
LeBron has 5,000+ career assists but this the best one
We Bang on this side 💰💰
Pool party at the OVO estate
They made a Fuck LeBron song im weak
This is the biggest L taken to date.
When your uncle get a little too turnt at the cookout
Ja Rule Ft. Ashanti - Mesmerize
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#BREAKINGNEWS: Officers seize $10M of cocaine in Wilmington
My house is the place to be on Friday June 3rd‼️😈 dm me for addy @seankriley on the 1s and 2s‼️
How to make me happy:
4,500 rts for no final! Help us out🙏🏾
Three men were arrested after offloading 83 kilos of cocaine from a bus in Wilmington
Blessed To Have Received My 14th Offer From Arizona St 🙌 #ForksUp 🍴
RT if you would watch it
Bryson Tiller is releasing new music soon.... Shes got my soul
Rt for good luck 👌🏽
Our Championship rings are in! #narbonnefootball #statechamps
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RT @sweetestkillx0: i could chill at my nigga house & he can spend $0 on me & i would be happy asf like your time & affection is good enough for me

Wilmington, Los Angeles

So Chelsea and I went to roscoes Friday and seen these boys ????why tf is the world so small I seen them at the kickback ? I was mad asf

Carson, CA

it's not my fault that you're annoying asf stop counting we all know you know your numbers

Harbor City, Los Angeles

Got to get up early asf tomorrow ?

Carson, CA

RT @lizzieliz02: he's seriously bomb asf , love it

Harbor City, Los Angeles

Excited asf

Carson, CA

@itsbrybry_ @Cam_johnsonn must be nice asf

Carson, CA

feeling sick asf?

Carson, CA

RT @Trinity_TAS: everybody at Carson High ugly asf ??

Carson, CA

This is me asf ?

Carson, CA


New Kanye West snippet, Big sean and Ian Connor in the studio.
Big Sean and Kanye West in the studio
Kanye & Big Sean in the studio... coming soon? ????
Patties from the Krusty Krab, I eat that My drivers license, I need that Mr Krabs daughter, I HIT THAT!


We Bang on this side ????????
Please dont call my phone no more. Im on tour. #1k ????
I GOTTA SHARE MY STORY W THE WORLD ????????????????????


Vine by Jay Rich Edits® #NWE - #BiPoland #maury #MauryShow #ThatIsNotCorrect feat. Chrish #teamedit #NWE #Nwe4life
- Vine by hi im josh
- Vine by nut
Vine by Yared Amanios - Messicans be lyke
- Vine by okay jack
Vine by michael k - I CANT BREATHE OKGGND
Vine by andre af - ME AT CHICK FIL A
Vine by Stevetwerksalot - Teacher : Whats your email address??
Vine by Peter Gilroy - Caitlyn got heels