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If you're bored today make a spur of the moment trip to adventure land and come see me. ☺️

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Great morning of skiing, kneeboarding and family breakfast in NW Iowa. #backhome #vanholsteijns

Cedar Rapids, IA

When your husband plays basketball like he's 17 you end up at Urgent Care! #baller

cedar rapids, iowa

You will be seeing and hearing a lot from me Opt Rhyme in the following weeks. Go here to get your listen on!...

Cedar Rapids, IOWA

i’m always like “okay it’s time to start eating healthy and working out” and then it lasts two days…

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Adios, Walker ...

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

If growing up means missing the annual Winnie trip then I don't ever wanna grow up. Who knew a place could hold so much meaning. ????????

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

"Open~mindedness is just one of the resolutions required in the removal of embeded beliefs, programs and patterns...

Cedar Rapids, Iowa USA

Exactly 2 years ago today! (via @timehop)

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

My boy is ready to make the transition from SC football to Iowa football. #metroyouthFB.

Cedar Rapids, IA




Truck is right side up now. Marion PD says 1 person was injured and brought to the hospital but is expected to be ok