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RT @ESPNStatsInfo: Madison Bumgarner Career ERA Regular Season 3.06 Postseason 2.14 World Series 0.25

Chandler, AZ

RT @ESPNStatsInfo: Madison Bumgarner given save in Game 7 He's 1st with 2 wins, a shutout and a save in a World Series (since save rule official, 1969

Chandler, AZ

RT @ESPNStatsInfo: Madison Bumgarner: 1st 5-inning save in postseason history Only 2nd in any game in last 20 years (Joaquin Benoit, 7 IP, 2002)

Chandler, AZ

RT @ESPNStatsInfo: Madison Bumgarner: 1st pitcher with 2 wins, a sub-0.50 ERA & 20 IP in a single World Series since Sandy Koufax, 1965 Dodgers

Chandler, AZ

RT @ESPNStatsInfo: This was one epic postseason for Madison Bumgarner

Chandler, AZ

RT @RonnieLottHOF: Finished. Congrats @SFGiants. I told you Madison Bumgarner was a gamer. Amazing.

Chandler Az

RT @kaskade: ALLLL HAIL BUMGARNER!!! @SFGiants

USA Chandler, Az

“@SFGiants: Dynasty. #SFGTrilogy #SFGiants” Bumgarner is so filthy. Glad the Giants won ?

Chandler, AZ

RT @NOTSportsCenter: BREAKING: Madison Bumgarner named World Series MVP, NL MVP, NL Cy Young, AL MVP, AL Cy Young, MLB commissioner, Governor of California, Pope

Chandler, AZ

RT @SportsCenter: UPDATE: MLB announcing scoring change, awarding Game 7 win to Jeremy Affeldt. Madison Bumgarner is credited with 5-inning save.

Chandler AZ








“@SFGiants: WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD! #SFGiants #ChampionsTogether” DYNASTY