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Vine by Yung Lima Bean - ⛽️🅰🆖 #AmazingSportsPlays #PeopleareAwesome #amazing #breathtaking #swag #BlackKray #scooter #RazorBoyz #goldmoufprincess #swag
Basketball Buzzer Beaters's post on Vine - Vine by Basketball Buzzer Beaters - Austin Rivers vs UNC #buzzerbeater #ncaa #duke
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This man right here!!! 🙌💯
#PrayForBaltimore #BaltimoreRiots
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Original Video with more views/comments. -
The retouched Shemar Brooks audition for WWE Tough Enough. In this video he shows off the more physical side along with the lingo from the original video.

Be sure to spread the hashtag #ToughEnough
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Amen. RT @CurvaceousCodi: Make this go viral
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as serious as shit is out there , Holmes fucked the club up 😂😂
Meanwhile in Baltimore
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He cannot be stopped and will not be stopped in Baltimore. Just Beat It😂😂😂
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You cant spell "STUPID" without #UPS: UPS is a DISGUSTING, VILE #corporate citizen:  #racism
this video makes me SO happy
THIS JUST IN: 6-foot-8 Kinston G Brandon Ingram is heading to Duke. Ingram is ranked No. 3 in ESPN 100.
Right now Baltimore is just like L.A. in 1992... When history repeats it self”
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I’m so upset guys, please do it 😥😢 👈
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RT @fernandaNYT: .@baltimoresun drops paywall for coverage of #FreddieGray riots: "Chaos, violence, looting."

Charlotte, NC

RT @baltimoresun: Tuesday's front page: RIOTS ERUPT. (Full coverage on

Charlotte, NC

“@baltimoresun: Tuesday's front page: RIOTS ERUPT.” check video and twitter pics. Didn't this guy cut fire hose?

Charlotte, NC

@smallmacaroo Riots solve nothing, our military protects YOURE UNGRATEFUL ASS you are a literal scumbag. I hope a terrorist blows u to bits


RT @TayR_19: Yet when a black boy dies in real life and people start riots over their unjust government, they’re ridiculed and labelled “dangerous”.

Bronx to Charlotte

@smallmacaroon @una_dab this is disrespectful and its bullshit.. Dont compare riots to the military. The people who die for you daily


State Of Emergency Declared In Baltimore After Riots [Photos]

Charlotte, NC

Violently rebelling against these police forces isn't gonna result in justice or peace It's gonna start more riots and that's what they want

charlotte nc

RT @realDonaldTrump: Blatant and rampant property destruction in Baltimore as the police stand by and watch. Should be a lesson on how NOT to handle riots. SAD!

Baltimore ✈ Charlotte

RT @KhaledBeydoun: No mention of "property damage" or collective criminalization during Feb. 2013 #Baltimore Ravens riots. #FreddieGray

Charlotte, NC


Before Young Thug... & After Young Thug..
When you let 6 thugs with badges walk away from murdering an American citizen this is what happens. #BaltimoreRiots