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MY CITY SO TALENTED He murdered a snare drum solo to Desiigner's Timmy Turner When he uses 1 stick! #DCornothing
Some say I wasn't ready... Disregard what "they" say.
Who remembers this commercial? So dope
Lmfao they said Lil Uzi song sound like a ravioli commercial 😂😭
Why is Whitney Houston always called a crackhead yet people refer to Amy winehouse as a "troubled soul"? Let's talk
I Can't Believe We Use To Do This 😂😂
"What would you do if you got cheated on?"
y'all get baby fever from pictures of infants, but this is what REALLY makes me want to be a dad.
relationship goals
When your girlfriend works on your present for a month straight its only right to show it off! Damn shes amazing!😍❤️
I think this gif has potential to outlast the election season. @NBCNightlyNews
this 4 year old girl made a make-up tutorial and it's the best thing I've ever seen 😂
The moment I proposed to the love of my life @miss_alfa86 she didn't expect it at all. 😢❤️🙏🏾💍
Susan Sarandon is having literally the worst time at the #DemConvention
*Prepares to tweet* “My girl Michelle…I brag diff-…”
Trying to open Instagram like
We'll never hear R&B like this again🚶🏽💭
I need the full story 😂😂
In honor of Greg Jennings retirement announcement let's relive the greatest play of his career
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Met in college, graduated with our BA, got engaged, did long distance, now married. A lot can change in 4 years.
#ATLRooftopParty SATURDAY‼️



UNC Charlotte
:: Charlotte, NC
🔥 RT @JRFORD44: This might be my favorite picture on the internet right now lol
My swag different, that bag different My wife Michelle, I brag different. #DemsInPhilly
Michael Jordans full statement to @TheUndefeated:
My sisters maternity pics...Im cracking up 😂😂
BREAKING: NFL reinstates Josh Gordon on a conditional basis. He will be suspended the first 4 games of season.
My Dark Twisted Cherry Coke RT @AirGordon_: The late hesitation RT @BASSicallyB: The Life Of Paco
If the Democrats think that to require a photo ID to vote is racist, why do they require a ID to enter convention?
My man really ate without me
Okay now what? @HillaryClinton
“Because of Hillary Clinton, my daughters...can take it for granted that a woman can be president.” —@FLOTUS
read this slowly.
get you a first lady who can do... everything
"I miss high school."
"I still talk to the people I graduated with."
"Best 4 years of my life."
Any church that got this, you KNOW the water finna be freezing cold
Usa Apple Pay en EE.UU. y obtén US$5 en compras en iTunes
get on the 5sos fan bus w/ @myfanzone! x
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