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Charlotte is very interesting ....
Vine by Khoa - What about dogs? #runningmanchallenge
They keep boostin me 😭😭😭😭 #HitTheFreak 🙋🏾
When your controller dies in 2k
Life at #Ncat
why my brother like dat?
When my name is called at graduation:
- Vine by Barstool Sports - Coley
Every time Drake said "Yeah" on VIEWS
Lmao UNCC people ON ONE #LDOC 😂😂😭😭
Vine by Cavs - IT IS BEYOND LIT. #ALLin216
When they call my name at graduation:
Anesthesia transformed this kid into Delonte West (via Youtube/Amanda Lally)
Freak Nasty Dance #hitthefreak #nccu @freaknastyyyy_
Queen of evoking lighting from the clouds #FormationWorldTour
EVERYBODY HITTIN THAT FREAK @freaknastyyyy_ 🙋🏽🙌🏾 #HitTheFreak #NCCU
#VIEWS Available Now.
Cam Newton rapping 🔥🔥🔥 (Part 1/3)
There is a reason I left these guys #starwarsday
Vine by Bleacher Report - Off the Heezy 😂
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UNC F Kennedy Meeks will withdraw from the 2016 NBA Draft process and return to UNC for his senior season.
#UnCutATL Saturday May 21st

Wildest Party Of The Summer❗️
NO Rules💃🏽 Wild Antics👯


"#MayThe4thBeWithYou, Always" - Olsen-Wan Kenobi
No, but he did have more touchdown receptions than Dez Bryant last Thanksgiving 😊 

Beyoncé wearing a "Yall Means All" North Carolina shirt to protest the transphobic #HB2 bill. 🐝👏🏻@equalitync
My guys came out in full force today to support my attempt at golf! @WellsFargoGolf @LukeKuechly @ryankalil
First Met Gala. On that Afro futurism wave.
Bey in the rain last night, still looking like a goddess
"Dear Slim, I wrote you but you still aint calling. I left my cell, my pager, and my home phone at the bottom..."
While you were sleeping, check out what the #Brotherhood was doing for us at our Station, AFTER midnight! #PVFD73
Johnathan Paul Manziel Mug Shot:
Check out @RideCruiseCarts & @charlottebcycle on the #MidwoodMaynia home tour!! #WCCB
But i got a job lol. 💸😈
Eli Apples mom might have won draft week. Here she is on her sons experience.
Atl move Friday || 3595 clairmont Rd. Atlanta ga 30319 || txt "glo" to 4047480804 skip line for free #Glogang
Post-Draft Power Rankings (via @HarrisonNFL):

1 @Panthers
2 @AZCardinals
3 @steelers
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RT @GQReport: A Lyon always rides in luxury. The #LincolnMKX takes on FOX's #Empire.

Charlotte, NC

RT @CSquad_Ireland: Is Ciara going to get royalties for this or..?? #Empire

Charlotte, NC

RT @EmpireFOX: We’re digging up more secrets TONIGHT on #Empire.

Charlotte, NC

RT @EmpireFOX: We’re digging up more secrets TONIGHT on #Empire.

Prishtina || Charlotte

RT @EricHaywood: Hollywood: TV shows with black casts don’t sell overseas. Twitter: #Empire is trending worldwide. Me:…

Charlotte, NC

Yes God! Totally agree. #BringBackDerekLuke ! - Lol. #realtalk #Empire

Charlotte, NC

RT @obey_jasonxx: Me waiting for Rhonda to put 2 and 2 together and realize Boo Boo Kitty pushed her down the stairs #Empire

charlotte, nc

Charlotte trends now: Civil Rights Act, #Empire, #Survivor, #DropOutHillary and #WoOCraftSCS

Charlotte, NC

RT @YazzTheGreatest: #Empire Is Now!

Buffalo, NY ↔️ Charlotte, NC

RT @reesewaters: When you come home drunk but momma just happy to see you #Empire

Charlotte, NC


Vine by Cavs - IT IS BEYOND LIT. #ALLin216
Vine by mike goldfarb - LeBron and the Cavs out here Hawk hunting ????????
They keep boostin me ???????????????? #HitTheFreak ????????
Go Freak Nasty Go....... #HitTheFreak @freaknastyyyy_ ???????? We Going Crazy #NCCU #NCAT #UNCG #HBCU
Just when yall thought we were done ???????????? #HitTheFreak @freaknastyyyy_ Stay Tuned ???? #NCCU #HBCU
Lets get it ???? #HitTheFreak @freaknastyyyy_ BIG LITTTTT ????????????


Clue #2? ???? #WhoPushedRhonda #Empire
Always and forever. ???? #Empire
From Lyon to cub to Lyon + Lioness. Tune in to #Empire NOW on @FOXTV to see it all unfold.


Charlotte is very interesting ....




Vine by Bleacher Report - Off the Heezy ????
Vine by Bleacher Report - ????????????????
Vine by Bleacher Report - J.R. ????