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@SoBendito Or in the case of Charlottesville/Albemarle the county eats the City.


@anthonydgilmore I am in Charlottesville, VA


Days like today are why I will always come home to Charlottesville. Grateful that my job allows/requires me to be out and about!

charlottesville, va

Top Things to Watch For When Buying a Home  Virginia is a “Buyer Beware” state when it comes to...

Charlottesville Virginia USA

Just ordered a copy of Rebecca Solnit's Unfathomable City to inform my own cultural landscape atlas work in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Charlottesville, VA

There is still time to hit Charlottesville's Downtown City Market! #yummy #freshproduce

Charlottesville, VA

Looking for a good breakfast recommendation in Charlottesville. Diner kind of breakfast. Fire away.

Charlottesville, Va.

Come see us at the Charlottesville farmer's market today and sign up for a Home Energy Check-Up!

Charlottesville, VA

Charlottesville City Market is buzzing: - RT @wtju911fm And we are LIVE at Charlottesville City Market til noon......


And we are LIVE at Charlottesville City Market til noon...

Charlottesville, VA, USA