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Danny Gonzalez's post on Vine - I've always wanted to do this #BlueSkidoo #BluesClues - Danny Gonzalez's post on Vine
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Must get back to packing. Jersey tomorrow. Sicily on Thursday! Still doesn't fee real

Charlottesville, VA

If by "celebrate the little wins" you mean "do a happy dance in my PJs" - ABSOLUTELY! #ChicChat @PopCosmo

Charlottesville, VA

Only a few days away! Viva la Vert at #LaMaratona! @CopperMtn

Charlottesville, Virginia

RT @FightsOnVine: What I'd do during the purge


Anyone seen this baby near Barboursville.

Charlottesville Va

I work a full time job at hostpital I work an come to my OWN home an. Take care of my daughter an get up an do it all over again!!! ????????????????

Charlottesville VA



And the Happiest City in America Is... via @goodhousemag

Charlottesville, VA

Israel Tries New Rationale for War

Charlottesville VA