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The @PaddyFoss free kick that beat Louisville made @theACCDN top plays of the week.
New music video!!  Shot by Elizabeth Smith  {Snippet}
Jefferson School "Pride Overcomes Prejudice 1" Sept 2015 (REV)
Film by Austin Bouchard.  Song by Gold Connections. "Popular Fiction" is the first single from their upcoming album of the same name, which is now available for PRE-ORDER:

DOWNLOAD the single: 

produced and engineered by Will Toledo (Car Seat Headrest). 
music and lyrics by Will Marsh.

recorded at 504 South Boundary St. Williamsburg, VA.
mixed and mastered by Chris Bethea in Muscle Shoals, AL.
cover art by Katie Wood. coloration by Austin Bouchard.

Will Marsh is on vocals and lead guitar.
Gabriel Hunter-Chang is on rhythm guitar.
Stephen Axeman is on bass guitar.
Will Toledo is on drums and background vocals.

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"Popular Fiction":

I cant build up a buried heart, a buried heart, a buried heart,
But I can sing another mans song for you.
I can play a different part, a whole new part, a different part,
But I cant build up a buried heart for you.
The list goes on.

And I cant live in between your heart strings,
You got me burnin now.
And wishin for nothing short than anything within your power.
And I dont remember or recall, or recall a choice,
But I can hold on to the sound of your voice.

And the melancholy tone that you take,
And the bittersweet smile that you break,
And the bad blood that I embrace,
You got me wishing, wishing that you were mine,
Again again, again again again.

Do you think I am that complex,
to have ever questioned your innocence?
I should have known, I should have learned,
We all get high and we all get burned.

Summer daze, had the wish for something more.
I met you under the traffic light.
You call to me with a shout I cant ignore.
You are the only thing in sight.

And I dont remember or recall, or recall your face,
But I can hold on to the time and the place.
When you kissed me in the dark of a warm night,
And showed me the pain of the half-life,
And left me strung out on the moonlight,
Wishin, wishin that you were mine,
Again again, again again again.

Oh how I wish I could meet you,
For the first time three years from now.
Maybe a thousand days could separate,
Me from the man I am today.
Oh how I wish I had never met you,
Three years ago, babe.
A thousand days cant separate,
Me from the man you made me.

Copyright © 2015 Gold Connections, All rights reserved.
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