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She lying fitz, let Jake fry bro....

Portsmouth, VA

Weird Jake/Liv moment. #ScandalABC #ScandaI

Chesapeake, VA

? "it's ok not to choose me" but bitch it's not okay to not leave me with no cash. Fawk you mean jake


That's when the convo went left to me “@ToriGeeeZ: But Jake ain't leaving Liv no money...”


Man I promise I love Jake


If jake die I vow to no longer watch scandal my heart hurts smh

Cle.OH Honolulu,HI. Norfolk VA

Actually shocked Rowan telling Fitz to let Liv see Jake...what's the move, dad? #ScandaI

Chesapeake, VA

RT @ReignOfApril: Fitz acting like he didn't put a pillow over Judge Cancer's shriveled face and is ssssoooooo much better than Jake. #Scandal @tonygoldwyn

Chesapeake, VA

RT @LiteraryGossip: Have you checked out The Spice of Life by Jake Furie Lapin? I have heard so many great things about this book! A...

Chesapeake, VA

RT @BirthdayPoetry: Jake Stubbington @j_stubbington :Happy birthday fwank have a good one

16, Portsmouth








After 110 minutes of play #ODUWSOC and UTEP end in a draw 0-0.