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Vine by Chicago Cubs - Nothing we haven't seen before. #LetsGo
This hurts my heart
Vine by SportsCenter - 😟🏀3️⃣
Vine by Bleacher Report - Off the Heezy 😂
why my brother like dat?
This is still my favorite thing Zendaya has done
he looks like a fluffy walking cloud omg 😍😍
LP prob has the most lit fights. 👿👿
이건 아미어린이들 #JIMIN #꾹 #아미어린이 #불타오르네
어린이들아 선물이야 #JIMIN #꾹 #어린이날
im cryin look at this fluffy walking cloud😭😭😭😭
풍선껌 #JIMIN
D-1 싹 다 불태워라 #불타오르네
알겠어 형 #JIMIN #불타오르네
Vine by Khoa - What about dogs? #runningmanchallenge
Don't let age, Mother Nature or groin trauma tell you what to do. #Deadpole
Vine by Khoa - What about dogs? #runningmanchallenge
@Chicago_Scanner Ashland and Diversey
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Map of this evenings police pursuit of homicide suspect based on #ChicagoScanner radio traffic.
Deadass spent 2 hours doing project on Youth in Asia then find out its supposed to be on Euthanasia. Summer wya 😭
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White people on Cinco de Mayo vs. every other day
this melts my heart 😭
New Terrible Car Crash Compilation, Car Crashes and accidents Compilation October 2015
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Dash Cam Compilation –- Accidents of the week #96
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Car Crashes in America USA & Road Rage 2015 # 6
Into You tomorrow night 
album in 16 days ♡  preorder in bio ♡
메리 키즈 데이
단정 #김데일리
Car Crash & Accident Compilation October 2015
May 5th 11:59 PM vs May 6th 12 AM
Up To $5,775 Grants If You Qualify. Go To School in Less Than 3 Months
Car Crash Compilation # 59
Damn Dex Got On And Left His Day 1s🤔
Russian Car Fights And Road Rage Compilation #1
Bad Car Crashes Caught on camera 2014 Early 2015 – TOP 50 #6
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Cook County States Attorney Anita Alvarez surprise move in court today: Asks judge for special prosecutor in #LaquanMcDonald case @NPR @WBEZ


..... And we have a #press conference regarding Jason Van Dyke #laquanmcdonald #tvnews #tvcamera…

Chicago, IL

#Alvarez wants #specialprosecutor in #LaquanMcDonald murder case #Chicago @Suntimes

Chicago, IL

"My goal in bringing a charge of 1st degree murder has always been abt seeking justice for #LaquanMcDonald"

Chicago, IL

This is the right move to ensure #justice for #LaquanMcDonald

Chicago, IL

Anita Alvarez recuses self from #LaquanMcDonald case, requests special prosecutor


RT @restructures: Where was the security plan for #LaquanMcDonald? #RekiaBoyd? #BettieJones? #BlackLivesMatter #AbolishPolice

Chicago, IL

RT @WBBMNewsradio: #AnitaAlvarez says special prosecutor in #LaquanMcDonald case the right decision to avoid "unnecessary legal delays"


Anita Alvarez recused herself from the case against #JasonVanDyke. A win for justice for #LaquanMcDonald

Chicago, IL

#BREAKINGNEWS #AnitaAlvarez withdraws from #OfficerJasonVanDyke case, asks for special prosecutor #LaquanMcDonald

Chicago, IL




When someone says racist voters are a substantial part of Trumps GOP primary constituency.
Former Presidential candidate John McCains son Jack McCain responds to racist trolls after #OldNavy post goes viral
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this is so positive
✨TRUSS ME DADDY✨ vegan highlighter by @uhhuhhoneylb


Today we honor an age-old Mexican tradition: slurping tequila out of a virgin’s bellybutton. #CincodeMayo
Join us for #CincoDeMayo with $4 Corona/Corona Light & $5 tequila shots!