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Donny Konz ft. Ill Phill - "Illuminati" || Dir. @DGainzBeats
Lil Rico - Its My Time [filmed by @SheHeartsTevin]
DreadRock x Now It's Time
MONEYMADE - "This The Way" ( Shot By @IAmSeanPain
MONEYMADE "Patient" (Official Video) (Shot By @IAmSeanPain)
Vine by Vine - Shawn Mendes thanks for sharing your musical journey with us. Can't wait for what's to come. You've done us proud 💚
my life summed up. - Vine by Jasus Nevas - my life summed up.
Vine by EliteLife_BIG CHRIS ™ - 😂😂😂😂 Dumb ass kids!!!
Vine by Unexpected Thug Life - Weatherman Thug #9inches #AlmostAsBigAsMe #snowpocalypse #Snowmageddon
Vine by Gevon Flocka - Lmao they roasting Mexicans on showtime
Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao (Its Official)
Empire Review
????????????????????????????????#MusicThatDontMatch #BIGranked #SmallVinerGang ???????? - Vine by Saydee_who #BIGranked - 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂#MusicThatDontMatch #BIGranked #SmallVinerGang 🎹🍋
Ohhmahh???? - Vine by january29th♒ - Ohhmahh😂
Vine by Nelly The King - When the teacher comes around to collect your homework
Liu Kang On A Hoe - Vine by ChicooSuavee - Liu Kang On A Hoe
Vine by kony - LMFAO
Vine by Saydee_who #BIGranked - 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂#MusicThatDontMatch #BIGranked #SmallVinerGang 🎹🍋
This Is DigiTour
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I can’t believe the surprise I got for my birthday show. Then I saw his face. Now I’m a Belieber.
A 6’3”, 200-pound high school QB has 108 TDs, a state title, 4.0 GPA and 0 scholarship offers
55! Kyrie Irving GOES OFF, drops career-high 55 points, leads Cavs over Blazers, 99-94.

• Irving: 55 Pts, 11 3-pt FG
@nytimes Charles Koch (whos worth $43 Billion) says get rid of the minimum wage, it blocks economic growth.
@GottaLaff Note to Justice Roberts: Koch Bros. plan to spend $889 million on conservative campaigns in 2016!
@Lawrence In a Straw Poll of Koch Bros. Donors M. Rubio topped 4 other GOP Presidential Hopefuls. Ha, Really!
Lil Wayne is suing Cash Money Records for $51 Million:
Surgery went well! Thank u for your well wishes. Time to finish producing the #musefilm @vanessabryant made me #chickennoodlesoup Kids #frozenplacemats @drinkbodyarmor hydration #kobeinc
I think my biggest relationship goal might be to have a guy that posts pics of me with captions like Scott Disick😂😭
Two years ago today, Hadiya Pendleton was shot and killed in a senseless act of violence.
Lets check in on $1 Beer Night at the Cincinnati Cyclones hockey game tonight (via @BThornberry23)
If anyone in Aurora/Naperville area has seen my lil sister PLEASE hml - 8177159643 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cuz they Aint us!
Wayne: "cmon yall we leavin! LETS GO! NOW!" 
Drake: "What happened Dad?" 
Nicki: "but wat about grandpa stunna?!"
Feliz cumpleaños @79JoseAbreu! Que tengas un gran día.
When im not tweeting this is what im doing.
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RT @Scandal_pics: It's finally #ScandalThursday!

Chicago, IL

RT @scandalprops: #ScandalProps BTS Happy #ScandalThursday #TGITisback @guillermodiazyo @ScandalABC @ScandalOPsessed @ScandalRehab

Chicago, Illinois

RT @kerrywashington: “@CapehartJ: RT @kerrywashington: It's #ScandalThursday !!!!!!!!!!!!!! <--- I'm rettogo!” ?

Chicago, Illinois

RT @Scandal_pics: It's finally #ScandalThursday!

Chicago, IL

RT @Scandal_pics: It's finally #ScandalThursday!


@ScandalABC yes!!!!! Scandal is back today!!! #ScandalThursday #TGIT #TGITisback

Chicago, IL

RT @JOEtheMORTON: TODAY'S THE DAY!!! #ScandalThursday #TGIT

Chicago, IL

RT @kerrywashington: It's #ScandalThursday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chicago, IL

RT @kerrywashington: It's #ScandalThursday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New York, chicago

RT @JussieSmollett: “@kerrywashington: It's #ScandalThursday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!”????





Today is #ConciergeDay in the City of Chicago! Thank you @ChicagosMayor and @CP_Chicago for recognizing this day!
Happy #ConciergeDay! Celebrate all this city has to offer and the people who stay on top of it with a little wine and dine at one of our Stefanis restaurants.
Happy #ConciergeDay Chicago! Thanks to our Team @MsShanBo @WheresClaireNow for taking such good care of our guests!
Happy #ConciergeDay Chicago! :) @CP_Chicago @ChooseChicago @ChicagosMayor #ConciergesRock #Hospitality #Chicago
Happy #ConciergeDay to all the concierges in #Chicago, including our own amazing team! #Thankyou!
Happy #ConciergeDay #Chicago! Thank you for all you do. Cheers to a great 2015!