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ThatJuanKid's post on Vine - teletubbies #tiptoeinginmyjordans - ThatJuanKid's post on Vine
Alexus Montgomery's post on Vine - Convinced she's from the hood 😈😂😭 - Alexus Montgomery's post on Vine
ryan wtf's post on Vine - this kills me everytime #videoshop - really ryan's post on Vine
Max Speer's post on Vine - #tiptoe #tiptoeing #tiptoewing #tiptoing #tiptoin #tiptoewinginmyhawwdinz #riffraff #jodyhighroller - Max Speer's post on Vine
V7_TraV's post on Vine - #VineAd for Yeetus & Associates law firm ft.David Banna - V7_TraV's post on Vine
Paid's post on Vine - #Rp im fucking dead yo - Paid's post on Vine
jerem(yeet)'s post on Vine - I NEVER SAW THIS PART OF THE MOVIE - jerem(yeet)'s post on Vine
wtf edits's post on Vine - idk what is this but ashton's reaction is priceless - wtf edits's post on Vine
Full Court Prez's post on Vine - Zach Lavine shows off his vertical! - Full Court Prez's post on Vine
carterr♡'s post on Vine - LITerALlyYYYY!!!!! - carterr♡'s post on Vine
KellyKel01's post on Vine - || Hit That Elbow || #KellyKel || Tag a Friend || - KellyKel01's post on Vine
ZaeeMME's post on Vine - Yo How The Fuck Did He Just Do This ? #magic #dancing #battle #revineThis #REVINE 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌(MUST WATCH & SHARE AROUND) - DizzyZ's post on Vine
AndySignore's post on Vine - LEAKED! Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron Footage from #ComicCon - AndySignore's post on Vine
PINK's post on Vine - shmoney remix 👏 - PINK's post on Vine
Full Court Prez's post on Vine - Vintage Derrick Rose. - Full Court Prez's post on Vine
celeste's post on Vine - at the shelter earlier and the 🐱 didnt wanna go back in the crate. 😹❤️ - celeste's post on Vine
melissa's post on Vine - melissa's post on Vine - melissa's post on Vine
Mad Max: Fury Road - Comic-Con First Look [HD]
N.I.P's post on Vine - #wtfmoment - N.I.P's post on Vine
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23 it is! Its only right I go back. 2·3=6  We still family 6. #HomeTeam #StriveForGreatness
Bad ass that the Hall includes nicknames: Too bad that the others nicknames are Joe, Greg, Tom, Tony, Bobby
Rt for a follow! 😘
Here Frank Sinatras classic reproof to Mike Royko of Chicago Daily News, 1976:
They are so adorable! <3
RT @craigcalcaterra: Cool grammar error on Madduxs plaque, @BaseballHall! Its fewer, not less. (right? I mean I thin Im right).
#throwback my cool dog with Luke 😎 - mike? Yeah mike
THIS JUST IN: LeBron James decides to return to number 23 for the Cavaliers.
Stay woke
Fixing shit
This is what I live for
WTF is this?
5 Arrested in Math Lab Bust.
"Hey! They work! My feet are soaked but my cuffs are bone dry! Everythings coming up Milhouse!"
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Are you tuned in?? The @RickeySmiley Morning Show is on your radio now!!


#Job #Chicago JERSEY MIKES SUBS- CREW MEMBER (lake in the hills): Great Personalities Wanted! Day shift avail...

Chicago, IL

At O'Hare, awaiting to board my flight to Las Vegas! The timing couldn't be better.


I've believed in a lower power since childhood


Smartphones + LINE Drive Online Sales in Thailand

Chicago, IL

Re-watching Lost. How great is Juliet? She's the best.

Chicago, IL

Current mood:


Nothing extraordinary ever happened without a leader articulating a vision.

Chicago IL

Attention Entrepreneurs: Compromise, But Never Compromise Your Standards: A cautionary tale, and some question...


RT @BarracudaMama: #BB4SP: Judge Jeanine and John Bolton ➡ Christianity Under Attack!...



Ghetto Music Video #TeamChillSide DAISY, _Mckenton_, KronIsMusic, __Snupe, DEE BREEZY‼️, _Luckky, LookInAmerah, Salmineo - NYI TASHAs post on Vine
At least 7 squad cars at Stroger Hospital after an officer was reportedly shot and wounded minutes ago.




#Rp im fucking dead yo - The Vine Critics post on Vine
bitch out there lookin like a bag of thot theetos.




RT @maiteesaandoval: tbh I cant live wout this bitch, ilysm man♥




When oomf post a new pic


RT @TheFunnyTeens: Whose summer didn’t go anywhere near planned?
First vine???? - Amandas post on Vine
"@TheFunnyTeens: true af"
RT @TheFunnyTeens: Vanessa Hudgens slaying everyone ????????
Listen listen listen. Listen Linda! #lol #funny #lindahoney #lindalisten #tagsforlikes #like #revine #vinefamous - Cinema Sports™s post on Vine
RT @TheFunnyTeens: Look how beautiful the stars look tonight