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Vine by NoChillVines - BRUH WHO DID THIS 😂
Vine by 1Dxclusive Clips - Niall singing Zayn's note in Ready To Run! Omfg he did so good ❤️
Vine by Rob Wootton - Select your character #THPS
Vine by rickety cricket - Lmao. I need names
Vine by baesil - this was a gif on tumblr so i figured i would make it into a vine
Vine by RandomDude - EveryBody Say P*ssy And Keep It Goin 😂😂 #everybodysaypussy #SesameStreet #edits #voiceover #childhoodruined #dubsmash #EditRanked
Vine by Ariana Grande Brasil - Justin and Ariana on stage 03/28
Vine by MrRondeezy - When someone misses you with the bullshit
Vine by Best Vines Ever - Bar or Far? Look at each side and decide! #FollowMe #mindblown #pleaselike #funny #revineThis #weird #cool #LOL #wowow #vinealo #funnyvines
Vine by This Week - George asked Gov. Mike Pence if signing the controversial "religious freedom" bill was a mistake.
Vine by LiverpoolGFN - Oh my god. Thierry Henry.
- Vine by sierra
Vine by Esa Fungtastic - Iggy was actually trying to order Chinese Food 😂👲
Dustin Lamar's post on Vine - Vine by Dustin Lamar - 🏀 how to shut down a dunk competition 👏👏👏 oh and he's 5'9" 🙌 #basketball #dunk #mustwatch
Vine by Full Court Prez - Remember when Trey Burke did this? #TheShot
Vine by Ariana Grande Brasil - Ariana and Justin singing "All That Matters" in Miami 03/28
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True Happiness Is Found In the Journey.

The Road To Bliss: Meeting Brad

Bliss (Album): Coming Soon

Twitter: Pharaoh_London
Instagram: _PharaohLondon
Shot & edited by Kfresh BussinMoves. Follow On twitter@kfresh513
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“@CHlLDHOODRUINER: She met the voices of spongebob and patrick at the kids choice awards 😂” @_LordSalazar
8 days away #OpeningDay
That moment after you win one the best college basketball games in recent history to keep your perfect season alive.
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It was a dogfight the whole game & we fought to keep it close. They did it & finished it out. All I can say is wow.
"@twentyonepilots: my brough Tyler gettin married rn." MACHESCHERZIAMO MA OOOOHHH
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Kentucky teams with the most entertaining games in the elite 8


RT @richarddeitsch: CBS/Turner says Kentucky-Notre Dame (14.7 million total viewers) was the most-viewed college basketball game ever on cable TV.

Cincinnati, OH

RT @MarchMadnessTV: Last night’s Kentucky/Notre Dame game on TBS was the highest rated and most viewed college basketball game of all time on cable TV

Covington, KY

RT @BizballMaury: Kentucky-Notre Dame Thriller Most-Viewed College Basketball Game In Cable TV History via @forbes #sportsbiz

Cincinnati, Ohio

Game was lit RT @darrenrovell: Kentucky-ND game averages 14.7 million total viewers, highest-rated & most-viewed program in TBS history


RT @RealJayWilliams: This Kentucky team is the real deal. One of the BEST teams I have seen in long time. They are never splintered.@ESPNCBB


RT @ShaneBoyd7: #WeAreUK? RT @MarchMadnessTV: Kentucky/Notre Dame game on TBS was the highest rated & most viewed college bball game of all time on cable TV

Greater Cincinnati

I was in Florence Kentucky this morning. Wildcat blue everywhere. Nobody seemed to remember the Louisville Cardinals are playing today.

Cincinnati, Ohio

RT @bomani_jones: if kentucky wins, cal needs to dedicate it to the memory of jerry tarkanian. just to see what would happen.

West End, Cincinnati, OH, USA

RT @ryenarussillo: Better five year run...Football in the state of Alabama or Basketball in the state of Kentucky?

KY/Cincinnati, OH




I met the voices of spongebob and patrick at the kids choice awards ???? that was awesome ????
She met the voices of spongebob and patrick at the kids choice awards Im so jealous ????????




Good news for Gonzaga: Tony Romo in the house behind the Duke bench (via @laurakeeley)