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โ€œ@chanelpuke: If ur having a bad day watch this.โ€ how!!!!
why he keep tryna steal it tho? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ™ˆ
my own neo.
"@WORIDSTARHlPHOP: "I was running through the six with my woes" ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ’€"@CocoaPufffs
Great to have @JacobyFord12 in Clemson today. He told me he is partly responsible 4 our great FL Pipeline @tayscott7
โ€œ@JoeSimonCU: South side suites taking shape for @ClemsonFB Death Valley renovationโ€ @benjaminquirk2
Def. the first time we have appeared on a tombstone. But if we play our cards right, not the last. RT @ClemsonFB:
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Botha @clemsongpb #gpbnemo

Clemson, SC

Bro @clemsongpb #gpbnemo

Clemson, SC

Me to greek week @ClemsonGPB #GPBNemo


@amandaqueeenn @ClemsonGPB I can tell you all about how they sterilize organisms by eating their reproductive tissue......

You can find me in Tigertown

Humans: you're going to lose followers/friends Me: @ClemsonGPB #GPBNemo


@_sandy172 @ClemsonGPB #PickUpLines U on team #GPBNemo?


Me when all the boys realize I'm on team #GPBNemo @ClemsonGPB #NemoBringsAllDaBoysToDaYard


When your friends ask what your recent infatuation with #GPBNemo is @ClemsonGPB #IfUAintOneOfUsRollWithUs #rite?


โ€œ@jesswhite12: โ€œ@GpbToyStory2: Woah girl, is your name Jessie? you've got my bullseye going in a certain direction #GPBToyStory @ClemsonGPBโ€


Me rn tryna go to sleep @ClemsonGPB #GPBNemo



Lindsay - "the best thing about Clemson has been our fans. They support us no matter what."


What. A. Game! Russell Westbrook GOES OFF for 49 Pts, 16 Reb and 10 Ast as Thunder beat 76ers in OT, 123-118.