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Joey Bosa has a simple message for Jim Harbaugh. LOL! #GoBucks
Police Dog Training Fake-Out -
people deadass payed to see THIS
I'm surprised this didn't happen to #Trump when he said he would bring water boarding back... #GOPDebate
Vine by Cavs - Mood:
Gentle Swing -
Excellent Camouflage -
Newborn Kitten Fight! -
Steph Curry with the shot
And, then @Beyonce did this. #BlackLivesMatter
Vine by Bleacher Report - Kerr. Savage.
The NBA has announced this foul call on J.R. Smith was incorrect. Led to a 5 point possession for BOS. #PhantomFoul
Sanders vs. Clinton
when she come to your game and don't look at you the same way she look at Lebron
It getting a little #KYRIEDICULOUS here in @TheQArena 👀 #CavsPelicans
EXCLUSIVE @twitter launch of my new Beats by Dre spot for @CameronNewton #SB50 #EVOL 🌹🔥
Vine by Cavs Nation - LeBron skies for the throwdown! #CavsNation #Cavs #Pelicans #NBA
Something I Would Do 😂
Vine by San Antonio Spurs - Selena knows what's up. #GoSpursGo
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its time 2 refocus 
all of your energy 
on health & Football!
its never 2 late 
2 get a fresh start!
“Look at that, you son of a bitch."
Thank you to everyone who came to support me today! I appreciate the luv!! @CSU_Athletics @PelicansNBA
Cam Newton has won the 2015 AP NFL Most Valuable Player award.
A Wine & Gold Winner in #TheLand!
76 combined points for Ky, LBJ & JR.

#CavsPelicans FINAL:
I loved #Trump last words in his closing at Cruz.... #GOPDebate
Chris I see what you are doing #GOPDebate
I love Dr. Evil
Oh college
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NCAA DI Wrestling: Boise State at Utah Valley University -
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Toddler in a sink -
Crazy Russian Truck Crashes Comp #1
Sticko Pastel Toddler Boy Prints Stickers -
Produced On Skin Care Items Review -
Bad Drivers, UK car crash compilation  3
Footage of aircraft crash in Iceland
Cosplay 362#Cosplay fashion costumes from basic costumes and... -
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'okc' is now trending in #Cleveland

Cleveland, USA

RT @WhoDerrick: OKC can win a 7 game series bruh

Cleveland, OH

To be honest OKC needs to make some serious changes bc their crew isn't working keep KD and Russ everyone else is expendable

Cleveland, OH

@KevinZellmann good chance. OKC, San Antonio are on their level in the west.

Cleveland Ohio

@HPbasketball I like what OKC has with Westbrook, Durant, Kanter and Ibaka. But Waiters can't be their 5th closer come playoff time.

Cleveland Ohio

Imagine if Harden was still in OKC ???


It was a great game man only team that can match with warriors is okc

cleveland, ohio

Cavs better pray that OKC knock the Warriors out. They match up better against OKC anyway

been there

RT @Chris_Broussard: GState executing well down the stretch. OKC just basically gunning (oh, and getting out hustled). That's the difference

Cleveland, Oh