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Texas Border Rancher Makes Frightening Discovery; Claims Proof That 9-11 is About to Happen Again [VIDEO]

Greenbelt Md

MT @martyschladen TX Nat. Guard Maj. Gen. John Nichols: Mission on border "has almost zero to do" with ... Central American kids. #inners

Greenbelt MD

House GOP pulls border bill rather than see it defeated - The Washington Post

College Park, MD

RT @asmith83: Maybe they should add another Obamacare repeal vote to the border bill to sweeten the deal

College Park

RT @delrayser: ok sure Congressman RT @SteveWorks4You: Any border package bill that doesn't defund @BarackObama’s #amnesty is a #CrapChimichanga

College Park

RT @ChrisJZullo: House GOP Republicans love to scream about border security but can't vote on bill to secure it. Time to #fixthehouse

Beltsville, Maryland, USA

RT @cimarcos: House was supposed to vote on House GOP border bill now. But suddenly moved into debate on highway bill. Lacking votes?

Hyattsville, MD

RT @jeremyscahill: Thank you for your incredible work "@sharifkouddous Left #Gaza with a heavy heart. Unlike most Palestinians, I'm able to cross its borders."

College Park, MD

I'd buy EVERY fantasy book at Borders with his illustrations on the cover. That's how I ended up with the Blending Series by Sharon Green

Hyattsville, MD