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RT @rightwingertoo: Obama Quietly Prepares Amnesty For Millions Of Illegals #IBDEditorials via @IBDinvestors

Greenbelt, MD

RT @YoungRepubs: Oh look - its Obama's foreign policy

Glen Burnie/College Park

This is the 2nd time @J_Banister was in a room with Obama. I think he just became @thedbk's White House correspondent

Washington, D.C.

RT @politico: Obama evolves on same-sex marriage -- again:

College Park, MD

Obama: 'I Think The Equal Protection Clause Does Guarantee Same-Sex Marriage' In All States via @HuffPostPol

Hyattsville, Maryland

Last night I went to an Anthony Brown rally featuring President Obama. Read my story: via @thedbk

College Park, MD

RT @Angel__Kitty: During Obama's Speech at Democratic Campaign Rally, Crowd Does Something Weird... via @BrownforMD @Hogan4Governor

College Park, Maryland

President Obama showed his support for Anthony Brown in PG County yesterday: via @J_Banister

College Park, Md., USA