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Me when my attitude goes away because Im about to eat
Vine by Ellen DeGeneres - Guess who’s here today. Von Miller!
This is crazy
- Vine by LoveShaq
What is wrong with our institution? #TxSt
Vine by Robert Behrens - Clearly Kyle Allen hasn't recovered from last week's performance.
what did we do to deserve dogs
Ima just leave this here
currently at #TXST
Vine by LisaMolly - Beach for Raven's birthday 🎉
Vine by Neat Dude - Low Budget Pixar Intro
Throwback to when Peyton had wheels 😂
Wtf the things that go on at Texas state #txst #txst19 #texasstate #bobcats #chickfila
The future is now everyone
just another day at #TXST
TONIGHT IT GOES DOWN AT VOO DOO ROOM! #TXST Don't miss this #FatTuesday event.
One of the many interesting characters to be found at the great Texas State University! #TXST
when u a puppy and wanna play with everything
Trying to figure out plans for the night like...
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#KyleField is up for Stadium of the Year 2015! You can vote here through Feb. 19: #12thMan
@studio /final verses /new album title  T.L.O.P.
Vote #KyleField for Stadium of the Year 2015!  #12thMan
Now they know
Add it to the list. 

Super Bowl MVP @Millerlite40 graces this weeks @SInow cover. 

#NFLAggies #ItsAboutUs
Kyle Allen says culture from Johnny Manziel era at Texas A&M caused him to transfer
This Week in Aggieland pres. by MedPlus, visit for more info #12thMan
This weekend, well welcome prospective students and their families to Aggieland Saturday!
in the booth
look for the girl with the broken smile
Cam Newton defended how he handled himself with the media after his teams loss in Super Bowl 50.
.@mattmosley: I dont buy Johnny Manziel culture as the reason Kyle Allen left Texas A&M
@TAMU is ranked #3 in 2016s "Best Alumni Networks." @AggieNetwork #TAMU
We will provide relief for the hurting and refuge for the sojourner. // #SHALOM2016
The Longhorn Network was very proud to celebrate this pretty minor Super Bowl achievement:
This weeks cover: @GregBishopSI on the @Broncos wild ride that won them #SB50
Kyle Allen speaks out on reasons for transferring from Texas A&M to Houston
.@AggieNetwork RT @Hahadancer: Found an Aggie ring class of 2015. Joseph Andrew Smith.
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RT @SportsDayDFW: .@mattmosley: I don't buy 'Johnny Manziel culture' as the reason Kyle Allen left Texas A&M

Bryan/College Station, TX

Quarterback Kyle Allen opens up about transferring from A&M in this piece by @dennisdoddcbs.

Bryan/College Station, TX

RT @aubreybloom: Is Kyle Allen the youngest person to ever proclaim that new army has gone to hell?

dallas to college station

RT @rcb05: Kyle Allen IS the culture problem. Less time dancing, more time throwing, sir.

College Station, TX

RT @DerekAggie06: It's too bad Johnny Manziel made Kyle Allen throw all those pick sixes. Wait, what?

College Station, TX

Kyle Allen's comments sound like someone who doesn't know how to rise to greatness as the A&M student body expects one to.

College Station

RT @Tank_Dean: A translation of Kyle Allen's statement about Manziel: "he was just too cool & too good at football for me to ever follow in his footsteps."

College Station, Texas

Aggie fans are totally bitter Kyle Allen plays for Houston, and that's being shown through the responses from him telling the truth!

College Station, TX

RT @rcb05: Kyle Allen IS the culture problem. Less time dancing, more time throwing, sir.

College Station, TX

98% of Kyle Allen hate by Aggies is pure "he broke my heart, now I must hate him forever and ever". Seems like a middle school breakup!

College Station, TX