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SPOTLIGHT: Aarion Penton & his famous little brother
Chest-Bump's post on Vine - That laugh... #IceBucketFail - Chest-Bump's post on Vine
Chris Thorman's post on Vine - This is the most impressive motorcycle wreck you will ever see (via Live Leak) - Chris Thorman's post on Vine
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Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine this. 10 minutes ago on the #ISS #aurora
התמונה הזו אינה לקוחה מרובוקופ, אני חוזר, אינה לקוחה מרובוקופ. #פרגוסון
So true!
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“@BrianMcGannon: The Royals are 4.5 games back...for the best record in baseball.” #Bandwagonner

Columbia, Missouri

RT @jazayerli: Again: it's August 19th. RT @mickshaffer: Royals hit 70 wins. From 2001-2010 they only did that twice.

Columbia, Missouri

RT @SportsCenter: Royals win again! Kansas City beats Colorado, 7-4. Last time KC was at least 15 games over .500 this late into season was 1989. (via Elias)

Columbia, Mo

Infante has 3 doubles to lead Royals past Rockies: Matzek (2-9) came into Tuesday with a 9.60 ERA in August but...

Columbia MO

RT @goldbergkc: This is the best Royals crowd I have heard on the road in my 7 seasons. Feels like a home game in Denver.

Columbia, MO

Umm, why is Wade Davis in the game when the Royals are up 7-2? #Royals

University of Missouri

The #Royals keep beating teams they're supposed to beat. This is what good teams do. This is not what the Royals typically do. This is cool.

University of Missouri

RT @pgrathoff: Royals are 69-55. They also were 69-55 in 1985, a season that is significant for Royals fans

University of Missouri

RT @GabeDeArmond: What I learned: if Royals take one of two from Rockies, they are in 1st the latest they have been in 29 seasons. Wow

University of Missouri

RT @Grantland33: They Might Be Royals (Royals): Can Kansas City finally end its 28-year playoff drought?

University of Missouri






Here is the Democratic Gov of Missouri pointing toward the area that housed his brain before it was stolen by looters






"We dont want no more gas.... No looting!" - Wesley Lowerys post on Vine