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Vine by tomlinswizzle [ IT HAPPENED ] - "You've let me down, you've let these beautiful people down. What have you done?" I COULD LISTEN TO LOUIS SASS FOREVER
Vine by Trench - Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes w/ Maple 🐶
- Vine by Brick Tamland
Vine by MrRondeezy - When someone misses you with the bullshit
Vine by RandomDude - EveryBody Say P*ssy And Keep It Goin 😂😂 #everybodysaypussy #SesameStreet #edits #voiceover #childhoodruined #dubsmash #EditRanked
Vine by Rob Wootton - Select your character #THPS
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@lex_xcvi ★☆★The Official OSU Spring Icebreaker★☆★ This Saturday April 4th | @ The Vault 35 E Gay St (Downtown)
S/O to @G_Eazy for representing THE BAY in Ann Arbor Sat night & thanks 4  my new hat! Much Appreciated! Means A Lot!
“@Dory: Ive never been more amused 🔥”
Bold front page from Indianapolis Star via @JimKinney413 Tuesdays front page at the Indianapolis Star.
Cheesus Christ RT @shrekpissslave: Please read this incredible rant on reddit about grilled cheese
Congrats to @D_Russ0 - 1st team All-American! The 5th Buckeye in Coach Mattas 11 years to make the list - wow!
You can smell chocolate walking past any @MaxBrennerAUS shop. Amongst my favorite chocolate & coffee shops in Sydney.
Indiana Governor Insists New Law Has Nothing To Do With Thing It Explicitly Intended To Do
The owner of @theDlasvegas, @DerekJStevens, will win $1 million if the Spartans win the title. Heres his ticket
RT @indystar_gregg: Tuesdays front page of The Indianapolis Star. #WeAreIndiana
Via @justinbieber: The #BieberRoast starts now on @ComedyCentral !! Im screwed. Lol
159 days. @Jmills_LSU
Do you want to know how to get the best enchantments for your tools, weapons and armor? Check out this sweet video for the lowdown on easy enchanting.
"@Wow_Vine: Ive never been more amused🔥" why is this so satisfying
When all your hoes catch on to your games
Self-confidence and self-esteem are issues that affect us all. They are paramount issues in our emotional well being. As a victim of intense bullying and victimizing while growing up (not only because of my sexuality, but also my looks), Ive decided to share with you a picture of 16-17 year old me (Im scared shitless and its been 10+ years) and a picture of me now. Ive done this just to let you, yes YOU, know that you are beautiful regardless of how imperfect you may think you are. Know that if you are struggling, times will only get better down the road and that I stand united with you! Hang in there, smile, be positive, and know that you are loved and just simply put, AMAZING and one of a kind! 😍❤️ - xoxo Bern - I know its early and Im scared shirtless, but, here we go... #TransformationTuesday #BeStrong #PositiveVibes #LovesYou #Shameless #gayboy #selfie
The truth will tear you apart. Don’t miss the epic season 2 premiere TOMORROW at 10/9c on MTV! 

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Finding Carter is a family drama that centers on Carter, a teenage girl who thinks she has the perfect life until one night, after a police bust at a high school party, she is told that the woman who she believes to be her biological mother actually abducted her as a toddler.

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The five finalists for the Wooden Award have been named. Three of them are still playing in the NCAA tournament.
Hi @karrueche. 👋
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"Martha thanks for coming, I know you probably don't do much of that anymore" LMFAO

Columbus, Ohio

RT @BestVlNES: lmao Martha Stewart got no chill


RT @carlyaquilino: Why is Martha Stuart so cute/such a bad bitch ?

Philly Girl in Columbus, Ohio

@whipclip @justinbieber Is Martha Stewart the new Bea Arthur; is that what's happening @realjeffreyross??

Columbus, Oh

RT @Cosmopolitan: "So, Justin, my final piece of advice is: Call me." -Martha Effing Stewart #BieberRoast

columbus ohio

RT @TheMattEspinosa: Martha killed ittttt #BieberRoast

Columbus, OH

RT @eonline: Martha Stewart was LEGENDARY. #RoastofJustinBieber

Columbus, OH

If Paula Dean said half the things that Martha Stewart just did she would've been crucified! #BieberRoast #DoubleStandards

Columbus, Ohio

RT @newzcard: YAS MARTHA YAS! ??? #roastofjustinbieber Click thru 400+ photos from the show:

columbus , ohio

RT @TheRaceDraft: Bruh Martha Stewart's an undercover savage







.@NatashaLeggero congratulates @kevinhart4real on his next big role. #BieberRoast
Here is Tuesday front page of the @indystar:




Its this important. Tuesdays front page. #rfra”


Ive never been more amused????
Wow, @natashaleggero! She didnt pull ANY punches for her turn at the microphone. #BieberRoast
.@NatashaLeggero congratulates @kevinhart4real on his next big role. #BieberRoast




@lex_xcvi ★☆★The Official OSU Spring Icebreaker★☆★ This Saturday April 4th | @ The Vault 35 E Gay St (Downtown)