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Every time Drake said "Yeah" on VIEWS
#VIEWS Available Now.
IM DYING!!!! RT @paigebrittany: LMAOOO I can't stop laughing
aie aie aie
Vine by SportsCenter - Kyle Lowry is focused.
Vine by TomMellor - OH MY FIRMINO!!!!
I wish I can post the whole thing 🔥😭
Next party I go to catch me in dat hoe like this
Yo if I ever lose a fight I'm doing this idc
"I need one dance with you at prom🏼"
- Vine by Ryan Pernofski
The Prince Of LA show interviewed SNL tonight.. As y'all can see, it went Up 🤑 #ThePrinceOfLA #SNL #LongLiveGio 🙏🏼
Vine by criisreverte - I LAUGH EVERY TIME
Vine by QPark - When killing a spider doesn't go as planned
Rihanna's voice 😍😍
y'a qu'eux pour faire ça mdrrr
im cryin look at this fluffy walking cloud😭😭😭😭
Dude tryna fight for his girlfriend back! That scream at the end though! 😹😹
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Happy #CincoDeMayo! The best taco bowls are made in Trump Tower Grill. I love Hispanics!
White people on Cinco de Mayo vs. every other day
Twitter is the land of opportunity
Straight Gangsta Mack.  #TBT
when u pretend to get mad so he can do this and be like “baby come here”
Not even mad about the scratches lmfao.....Hands down the funniest thing that has ever happened to me only in NewB 😭
Deadass spent 2 hours doing project on Youth in Asia then find out its supposed to be on Euthanasia. Summer wya 😭
GOAL!!!!!!!!! #LFC
Ever since drake dropped this. The weather been exactly like it
Came home from an away game & my grandma went to her art showing and no one went 💔 she called herself foolish :(
Matando liga 💪 cabezi-rapado descarado 🎶.

Liverpool  3-0  Villarreal 

Liverpool se qualifie en finale de lEuropa League 2016 !
me at school: "when I get home, im catching up on all my work and finishing assignments" 

me as soon as I get home:
#ANTI is the 1st album from 2016 to go @RIAA double platinum!!! Blown away by your support every day. thank you ⚓
Selon @lequipe, Hatem Ben Arfa "devrait" rejoindre le FC Barcelone cet été !
Gringos: Oh my God Happy Cinco de Drinko am I right?!?! 

holy shit
Twitter is the land of opportunity
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RT @chancetherapper: #Chance3 May 13


RT @ComplexMusic: Jimmy Fallon just announced @chancetherapper's new project will arrive on May 13.

Compton, CA

RT @chancetherapper: #Chance3 May 13


RT @chancetherapper: #Chance3 May 13

Compton, CA

RT @cantstopthinkn_: @chancetherapper @FallonTonight @jimmyfallon LETS GO!!!! IGH

Compton, CA

@chancetherapper so proud of you baby ??

Compton, CA

Used to follow @chancetherapper b4 he dropped Acid Rap now this dude got 1.4 million followers damn


RT @chancetherapper:

Compton, CA

RT @Sloderman: The Taj Mahal is getting ready for #Chance3 @chancetherapper


RT @chancetherapper: Tonight, big cool thing happens on @jimmyfallon. #chance3



LMAOOO I cant stop laughing
when people try to get offended by a tweet that wasnt about them ????☕️
Ladies and gentlemen, your likely 2016 nominees
Every time Drake said "Yeah" on VIEWS ????????
British tv was so freakin weird looool


#VIEWS Available Now.


#VIEWS Available Now.












Chance The Rapper performs new song Blessings