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She gave me her CD at gas station. She 74 rapping for Jesus.
This will always be one of the best finishes to a basketball game 🏀
I'm in tears RT @Lilgeeeeee: This whole time I thought It was a cross on 21 savage head
this scene invented comedy i die every time 😂
WHO IS THIS WOMAN AND WHY ISN'T SHE MY BEST FRIEND YET?!? @CNN #Hillary2016 #DonaldTrump #DemsInPhilly
Vine by Bleacher Report - 😏😏😏
So damn lit 🔥🔥
Vine by Belle & Nate Villegas - "ah.....................choo" #slomo #slowmotion #sneeze #dogs #pets
Follow!!! 'bpchrisbrown' @Snapchat
😂😂get this shit to a 1000 rt
Devin Hester G.O.A.T
This broke my heart 😩
This Arthur Episode >>> 😂😂😂
Stick to basketball, Dirk Nowitzki! 😂
I wanna b Niki Whithers so bad 😭 #justwaitonit #onedaylol
#returnofsteve 🔙
tears I'm cryin
.@realDonaldTrump's Ohio rally. Join the MOVEMENT! Lets MAKE AMERICA SAFE & GREAT AGAIN! #TrumpPence16 #TrumpTrain
Tyrann Mathieu was an absolute savage at LSU
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*walking in the mall*

"Aye bro, those kicks is fire! Lemme clean those up for you real quick"
" Im not your nigg.... "
They tried the wrong one... Shes a str8 SAVAGE
Dang Netflix trippin .. You want a massage or some
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When you offer somebody food and they say yeah
Mom: "fix that attitude before i fix it for you"
Me: Girl your head game retarded asf. 
Dylan: Mom can I borrow the yacht  

Mom: No Dylan 

Dylan: You better count your fucking days bitch
My Mommas Jays ✨
when u send him a paragraph and he only respond to one part of the message
Im dying 😂
I could no longer withhold this from you all! My secret is out... I am Donatello
Dont 😴 on the T-Wolves!
Waiter: "checks together or separate?"
Her: "together"
Barber: what you want

Him: too much sauce

Barber: say no more Fam
"money? I havent heard that name in years"
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Stepping outside of my comfort zone made me realize some of the realest people in my life at the moment, so thankful ❤️


@Izabelaacruz vai querê a parada?

Compton, CA

Make Me = Dick Me Down or Stfu😭🙄💀💯

✈ βomptonnn,CA ✈

@Cartelini xptdr j'ai fait quoi wesh

Compton, CA



RT @Cartelini: Renateau il a changer

Compton, CA

We going up Tommorow 📽🤘🏽 #DopeBoyzLA #PJxLA

Compton, CA

RT @WshLesGros: Déjà si t'es un homme et t'es végétarien .. t'es plus un homme

Compton, CA

RT @QuandCeRappeur: Quand Aissa dit : " Dieu nous a dit de ne pas manger d'porc, mais pourtant il aime les gens bon "

Compton, CA

RT @Cartelini: J' vous troll pendant le Taff J'gagne du biff A rien foutre et en + des hassanats c'est incroyable

Compton, CA
"Idk about YOU but, I got my nut and yo uber is outside so...."
When FAFSA say you dont qualify
when you pop up, making sure he exactly where he say he at.
When you first meet him vs when he make you his girl
"Whoever threw that piece of paper, your moms a hoe!"


how to win my heart
Lmao the eviction notice 😂💀
A whole new world. one of my all time favorite songs, i will sing my heart out every time it comes on
After youre finished lurking and you gotta have a sit down with your man
$ONOV. Want to be at a straight up 2m shares. VERT show me some size bro!
$ONOV You are the Rat you hang with. #ascm #vert #dlyn
Vine by RattPack Forever - Peace, love & positivity


"Pokemon Go is for kids" "Pokemon Go is for nerds" "Pokemon Go is just a game"
#quote "I am the GREATEST. I said that before I knew I was." #MuhammadAli $ONOV inspired.
how to win my heart
wow this