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Vine by 21β„’ - Nebraska offensive lineman jake cotton falls over while trying not to commit a false penalty
This judge spilling tea. Nobody's worth stressing over when you're young. NOTED πŸ“
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[sunday giveaway] help us shed the final stock of top sellersπŸ‘ŠπŸ½ RT to win the Riverbank!
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RT @tweet4upatriots: Never once TRUMP use GOD BLESS AMERICA in any of his GOP Campaign speech or in #RNCinCLE @cruzmode_2020 #PJNET

Conway, AR

RT @iamgavinjames: .@Reince did a phenomenal job chairing the #RNCinCLE! Let me know how you do, Debbie! Oh wait, you got booted!

Conway, AR

RT @Sweetatertot: Dear Jon Stewart, this is how real Americans who dont live in $20mill NY concert cubes feel #TrumpSpeech #RNCinCLE

Conway, Arkansas

RT @HillaryClinton: "I don't defend what he says." β€”@MarcoRubio on @realDonaldTrump #RNCinCLE

Conway, AR

Trump as president would be a great excuse to move to Canada #RNCinCLE

Conway, Arkansas

Trump as president would be a great excuse to move to Canada #RNCinCLE

Conway, Arkansas








UCA students returning after a library instruction class for a hands-on library research session! @ucasports
UCA announced the establishment of the new Arkansas Coding Academy.
Phantom Regiment drum major camp at UCA. The final event. Congrats to all the participants.
New high school seniors can start applying to UCA on August 1st and the app is online! #uca2021


Check out our display inspired by Pokemon with books on game design and animation art! @ucaComputerSci @UCA_CFAC




About a 40000 tall tstorm over Conway as seen from Downtown LR #arwx
Well. That escalated quickly. #arwx @KATVToddYak


Whos excited about #UCAwelcome Week? It all begins in 24 days! #UCA20