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In case you're missing football season too 🏈
he's back at it
she really cried. Find her @ real quick
haters will say photoshop
Young Ugly God cock yo bitch like a pistol. 💕
Wtf is bottle flipping?! They changed the game 😂😂
34. my booooo
Still my favorite underwater clip that I've taken
35. a YG classic 😏😂
This is actually my avi🐱
driving with your bestfriend
Vine by Alex Murillo - Cuando un feo te pide tu número #LaDivaDeJuarez
but are you really listening to what he is saying #BETAwards ✊🏾
"Don't" Live from the BET Awards
"You changed" "I don't like you" "I found someone better" "i miss you" "You need to fix your attitu-" Me:
Colin Cowherd speaks the truth
Vine by Mike Goldfarb | Shaqtin a Fool - Say what you want about him but the Shaqtin MVP is entertaining! 😂
England's new national anthem.
Red Hot Chili Peppers - "Dark Necessities" (2016)
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Congrats to Malik Walker of Corona High! 1 of 4 athletes that will write a monthly article for IE Preps Magazine!
when ur friends invite u out & u tell them ur busy but really ur just broke af at home watching their snaps like
Yall know what to do
*gets text at 10 pm* 
"lol lets hangout"
"wanna go to this party"
"ill swoop you"
Ladies & gentlemen, I present to u: boys
I relate to this on a spiritual level
My definition of a full course meal
when you take a screenshot of a chat and send the screenshot to the person you took the screenshot of
Summer sunshine
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34. my booooo
43. Im slackin with this thread but this song ????????
45. this movie, this song ????????
28. dont mess with my man ????????????
40. ice box ????








#mcm ???? to my lil sleepy head ???? @JarodMarez
#mcm ???? to my sleepy head ???? @JarodMarez
my #mcm is so fine , look at him go????????????