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Blue is freakin' tight. - Vine by BatDad - Blue is freakin' tight.
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ΖΤΑ (@ZTALAmbdaDelta) | Texas A&M University at Corpus Christi | winning lottery strategies.

Lotto is not a game of chance but a game of probabilities. Although there are ways to guarantee a jackpot win the cost of the tickets would be greater than the return in most cases.

However, the simple fact that a jackpot win can absolutely  be 100% guaranteed (by purchasing every possible combination of number sequences) should make you excited.

Through a syndicate lottery players can wheel their lotto numbers and reduce the odds against them almost guaranteeing lottery wins.

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This video is 🚮but then again mcdonalds is a multi billionaire company in over 100 countries serving 69 million a day
a brief glimpse into my future
“@KardashianReact: #DontJudgeChallenge this is beautiful” bitchhhh brush yo teeth and wash yo face.
She got her wisdom teeth removed & turned into Meredith Grey 😂😂
2 words....World Champion!!!!!
when you jammin to JB too hard and you grab a hot mic
"Greys Anatomy is getting a new McDreamy"
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RT @ussoccer: A sold-out crowd of 22,357 in Frisco is seeing an entertaining Gold Cup opener! #ThankYouFans

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RT @ussoccer: Free kick blocked by the wall and the whistle blows! USA an unbeaten 13-0-0 in Gold Cup openers. FINAL: USA 2, HON 1

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RT @ThomasDTAMU: .@ussoccer It's great to see USA wearing red, white and blue jerseys... Novel concept @nike #USMNT

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RT @ussoccer: 25' - GOAL FOR DEUCE!!!

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RT @ussoccer: HALFTIME: @clint_dempsey goal has the USA on top 1-0. #USAvHON

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RT @ussoccer:

Corpus Christi TX

RT @ussoccer: 25' - GOAL FOR DEUCE!!!

Corpus Christi, TX

RT @ussoccer: .@Clint_Dempsey makes his 16th Gold Cup appearance tonight. Michael Bradley & @KyleBeckerman (12), @JozyAltidore (5). #USAvHON #USMNT

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