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I'm at Kearney Hall (OSU) - @oregonstateuniv in Corvallis, OR https://t.co/MpYuk3cn1f


I'm at Milne Computer Lab (OSU) - @oregonstateuniv in Corvallis, OR https://t.co/NikRKJmLBv


Aaaand, class is canceled! (@ Milam Hall (OSU) - @oregonstateuniv in Corvallis, OR) https://t.co/687cMZ0OnU

Culver, OR

First class of fall term (@ Gilkey Hall (OSU) - @oregonstateuniv in Corvallis, OR) https://t.co/LKfYXFE1xD

Corvallis, OR/ Qatif, SA ❤️

Upper class...no freshman! (@ Milam Hall (OSU) - @oregonstateuniv in Corvallis, OR) https://t.co/fqVKzGzVw9

Culver, OR

Well my professor never showed to my first class in #Austen @oregonstateuniv

Oregon State University

RT @TerraOSU: Oregon spotted frog, once common, now listed as threatened. Blaustein @oregonstateuniv not optimistic, http://t.co/JZcJpQM2HP

Oregon State University

RT @oregonstateuniv: Here we go! #BeaverNation http://t.co/Kwmi5SlCpx

Oregon State University

I'm at Valley Library (OSU) - @oregonstateuniv in Corvallis, OR https://t.co/NWXpQDfCFC


2 hours class ???? (@ Gilbert Hall (OSU) - @oregonstateuniv in Corvallis, OR) https://t.co/CalurIapCl

Oregon, USA (Kuwait♥)






RT @shayne571: Double standard? Tebow can pray, but Husain Abdullah cannot. #NFL #MNF #NEvsKC http://t.co/7FB5ltlsLy


RT @SportsNation: BREAKING: TOM BRADY IS RETIRING http://t.co/1h77cwwxyz