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RT @Surfrider: Wha-what? A frosty snow session in Surf City U.S.A: Huntington Beach, CA

Costa Mesa

RT @AnnLHaley: Why did it 'snow' in Huntington Beach? Science has the answer.

Costa Mesa

RT @whanethewhip: Here's something you don't see everyday. Hail in Huntington Beach:

Costa Mesa, California

RT @HelloitsAA: I know @RICKatFOX would appreciate this. In Huntington Beach, on our balcony, snowman's ready for a few waves. ⛄️?

Costa Mesa, California

RT @markdoyle71: It's snowing in Huntington Beach! Aka Surf City USA

Costa Mesa, California

RT @ale_birds: Is snowing in Huntington Beach?? AWESOME!!! Pic by Patee Tenorio and Tara Hadley

Costa Mesa, California

Our Nieghbor @youlovelj takes some rad photos // Here's one of his recent adventure in a snowy Huntington Beach...

Costa Mesa, CA
Well hello there, @AnaheimDucks! Your Halos are representing tonight! #LAASpring
Great to see @HecSantiago53, @GRICHARDS26 and @MrMoosh28 here tonight! #DucksDedication #LetsGoDucks
Time to bring it home! The #NHLDucks lead, 2-1, as we enter the final period. #LetsGoDucks




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