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Where my thunder Buddy at?;?


It's raining so hard and thunder and lightning is everywhere I love it so #Cocotime


I've never been scared of lightning or thunder but now that I have a baby, I'm like scared for her ?

HighHeels, LowCars

That thunder woke me up on the real ???


Can it rain any harder? I can't sleep with the loud ass thunder and lightening coming through the room.

HighHeels, LowCars

Buster had me take him outside to poo right when the thunder hit .. My doggy and I got so scared !! Haha

Covina, CA

I'm super scared right now. This thunder is loud


....on a side note there was the thunder FINALLY


Thunder ☁️⚡️☔️

Covina, California
Vine by Kev Smoov - ???????????????????????????????? Nigga Threatened The Shit Outta These Kids ????????????????????????????
Vine by Esa Fungtastic - No Rice ???????? w/ Ray Ligaya #NoTypeRemix