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RT @ChadLivengood: .@BarackObama on his approval rating in his last year in office: "The last time I was this high, I was trying to decide my major." #WHCD

Cupertino, CA

#WHCD Was there like a pact among all dinner attendees that they wd nt laugh at Larry Wilmore? So many sour-faced & hostile reaction shots!

Cupertino, CA

RT @JoyAnnReid: Obama: "next year at this time someone else will be standing here. It's anyone's guess who she will be." #WHCD #NerdProm

Cupertino, CA

RT @Variety: #WHCD: Obama roasts Trump, riffs on Hillary Clinton & Kendall Jenner

Cupertino, CA

I'm no Barack Obama fan, but he's always great at doing stand-up at the #WHCD .

San Jose, California

RT @ABC: WATCH: Pres. Obama drops the mic at end of #WHCD remarks: "Obama out"

Cupertino, CA

RT @LaurieFromMiami: That room did not respond well to Larry Wilmore's sick wolf blitzer burn #WHCD


RT @tmwinsett: "Welcome to negro night. Or as Fox News will say: 2 Thugs disrupt elegant dinner" @larrywilmore goes in out the gate #whcd


RT @datachick: "Two thugs disrupt elegant dinner in DC" #WHCD


RT @serge_poznanski: CNNMoney: RT CNN: A look back at some of the best jokes from past presidents #WHCD



The #GOAT is heading to Kansas City. Congratulations @khoagie8 and @Chiefs! #StanfordNFL #ChiefsKingdom
Again, here are the two @StanfordFball UDFA signings so far: @AzizShittu to @Eagles @devoncajuste to @49ers