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.@joshtpm @TPM Despite being poor husband, Weiner did have security clearance in Congress. Not like Trump didn't have poor judgment w/wives!

San Francisco

#Braindead @BrainDeadCBS Anthony Weiner sexted busty brunette while his son was in bed with him via @nypmetro

San Francisco, CA

I'm so excited for Huma's new life sans Weiner.

San Francisco

Anthony Weiner @realDonaldTrump Trump: "cheating men can't be trusted near national security"


Anthony Weiner


@maggieNYT @MikeIsaac So exactly when was it that Abedin was supposed to have physically abused Anthony Weiner?

Ocean Beach, San Francisco

RT @OhNoSheTwitnt: A TV show about the rise and fall of Anthony Weiner called Carlos Danger Things. (Spoiler: the demogorgon is his dick)

Inner Sunset, SF

Looks like Anthony's Weiner is back in the news.

ÜT: 37.71326,-122.47215

I would like to meet the CNN "news" executive that made the decision that Abedin/Weiner split announcement deserves a push notification

San Francisco

An example of Weiner's bad judgement But what about Trump's judgement in hiring Steve Bannon w/o extreme vetting?

San Francisco