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Front flip on a hoverboard 😱
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@kev_mon & Miss Melanie wish you a VERY Happy Cinco de Mayo from the Mission, SF!!
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I mean sure @SpaceX landed a rocket on a boat tonight. But I learned a dope synth part at band practice. Sort of the same.

San Francisco

“The Power of Narrative and Design” by People Rocket @richardlcox @diabondia @improvgames

San Francisco, CA, USA

Today: Leading tech CEO lands rocket on robotic barge, in the dark; Leading presidential candidate eats taco bowl, alienates millions.

San Francisco

This guy just hover slammed a rocket into a drone ship. Everything ever is less cool. Welcome to the future.

San Francisco, CA

Spaced just remotely landed a rocket on a boat in the Atlantic ......... At night

San Francisco, CA

Watching a rocket launch tonight because space

San Francisco, CA

Might be a last call stream tonight. Its just a question of duck game, move or die, or rocket league which i now have thanks to a viewer

San Francisco, California

This fact is very simple to understand. Win WH in November, #NominateBernie. Lose WH in November, #NominateHillary. It's not rocket science.

Daly City, CA, USA






Sleep is overrated anyways.
@SanJoseSharks this is how Im handling this game.
#SJSharks #SJSvsNSH
Me right now watching @SanJoseSharks #NHL17Pavelski
Tweet & RT using #NHL17Pavelski as much as you can today to get Joe Pavelski on the cover!


Landing confirmed. Second stage continuing to carry JCSAT-14 to a Geosynchronous Transfer Orbit.
The Falcon 9 second stage delivered JCSAT-14 to a Geosynchronous Transfer Orbit
HOLY CRAP! @SpaceX pulled it off! Landed despite re-entering orbit at 2x the speed of the last.