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Trump on Alicia, 1996: "Miss Piggy." This morning: "She gained a massive amount of was a real problem."
debate recap
Just amazing, @FlashGJr. #JDF16
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me rn
Trump? WACK
Hillary? WACK
Obama really leaving us with these Caucasians
Waited 18 years to vote, and these are my options
The #TrumpWon hashtag starting location, thats interesting
"barack please dont leave me with them"
"joe youre leaving when I leave"
"oh right lmao love u"
Colourpop coming through with the pinks 💗✨
This is the ashiest picture Ive ever seen in my life
donald trump: I didnt say that 

the internet:
This is what I live for
FAFSA opens October 1st so if youre trying to get married hmu 🙃
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RT @verge: Elon Musk wants to build a transit system that lets humans tour the entire Solar System

Daly City CA

Elon, "We have to figure out how to improve the costs of trips to Mars by 5 million %"


@OmanReagan I think also since elon is a big fan of the culture novels, his plan for society/econ is it something like space commie utopia


I'm not sure I'll ever think the same after watching Elon's SpaceX pitch on interplanetary travel. I'm flabbergasted, really.


@maraoz "Hi Elon, I'd like to self-promote my electric bus." "Space _questions_ only please." "But it's right outside." ::cringe::

San Francisco

"The probability of death is quite high on the first mission." SpaceX PR People: Jesus Omgwtfbbq GET ELON OFF THE STAGE NO MORE QA

San Francisco, CA

The day after the debate, Elon Musk is telling us about leaving this planet, as if Mars is where we can restore the humanity...

San Francisco, CA

Seems clear Elon is not going in orbit until the matter of brain download (i.e inmortality) is securely figured out. #singularity

San Francisco, CA

loved the burning man dude asking Elon what do we do with shit in Mars, Elon? #IAC2016

San Francisco, CA

Elon isn't worried about pooping on Mars... that's for sure. #SpaceX

San Francisco




Vine by SpaceX - Close, but no cigar. This time.
Does this turn you on? #SpaceX
Looks like I’ll be on @nbcbayarea tonight talking about today’s #SpaceX announcement! Tune in at 5 and 6.
#SpaceX Get Your Ass To Mars
People running in to get good seats for the @elonmusk show! #IAC2016 #SpaceX
Since many of you ask... All of todays #SpaceX GIFs were recorded exclusively via @Spectacles.
Image from a test firing of the #SpaceX Raptor engine; Mars vehicle first stage will have 42. (Dont panic.)