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Shit Lit For Elizabeth.
Lil Uzi Vert's XXL Freshman Freestyle
Marshawn Lynch straight from Oakland 😂😂😭
The zodiac.
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Black sand beaches 🌚☀️
Van Gogh Museum, surrounded by over 125,000 sunflowers. Everyone was allowed to take home as many as they wanted to.
Nice, @KarlTheFog. Your game is strong this morning. Seeing the tops of buildings and bridges is overrated anyway.
when mcdonalds gives you an extra mcnugget
What I must look like to people.
Becky with the good hair
I could get lost in these clouds
most passionate affairs
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How mental illness factors into San Francisco's homeless population


2) became friends with homeless guy who runs his own newspaper sales business from the bus

San Francisco, CA

homeless people have the most lit camo on camo looks tho

San Francisco, CA

seeing the homeless makes me hella sad buh

Oakland, CA

you think a nigga homeless man I stayed on the block


@nbcbayarea @joerosatojr the other night I had to call the police because a homeless woman was banging on the door and blocking the garage!

Views do not represent anyone

It's time to get real about San Francisco's homeless problem, says craiglist @craignewmark #sendtheelevatorbackdown

San Francisco

All #MissionFire victims now housed, but say city left them scared they would be homeless:

San Francisco, CA

Take homeless out of the political realm and make it personal #SFHomelessProject

San Francisco, CA

Housing is the most successful workforce development program for those who are homeless #SFHomelessProject @JeffKositsky

San Francisco, CA


Barack can u handle this? Justin can u handle this? Enrique can u handle this? I dont think they can handle this!
Thank you, Barack, for your steadfast & inspiring address tonight. It was our honour to host you in Parliament.
never knowing what container the butter was actually in #GrowingUpHispanic