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Yamiche Alcindor's post on Vine - Quiet crowd outside Ferguson police station. - Yamiche Alcindor's post on Vine
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Had to be said. Get EDUCATED 💯
A Criterio de cada quien: "Two...gang members,together preventing people LOOTING this shop #Ferguson " Use Criteria
82 million American soldiers died to protect your right to assemble.  This is how you thank them for their service.
Two Google searches, just now.
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#5sosfammeetup #5soscometoiowa @5sos Iowa had a meetup 10-18-14 ?

Davenport, IA

Iowa teen sentenced in drive-by shooting

Davenport, Iowa

So I'm stuck here in Iowa for a hour ?? that's dead





Walgreens ablaze #ferguson - Kim Janssens post on Vine