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The Royals are not dead, the World Series has just started

Davenport, Iowa

Crasnick: Royals turn to Ventura in Game 2

Davenport, Iowa

RT @QuadCitiesJim: Your tax dollars at work! Homeland Security confiscated unlicensed Royals panties from KC store … (H/T @koneman)

Davenport, IA

RT @SBNation: Royals fan waits 29 years, pays $1,000 to fall asleep in public (via @DannyParkins)

Davenport, IA

Royals finally score

Davenport Iowa

RT @csesker: The Royals look a lot like the Rockies did in the 2007 World Series after a long layoff.

Davenport, IA

More important fact--Royals are 33-19 since @bennyheis had me on his show as a guest...

Davenport, IA








#Davenport City Council chambers fills up ahead of 1st vote on #casino.