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RT @greggsulkin: We're back..... ;)

San Francisco & Davis, CA

RT @BraedenTracey: Seatbelts do save lives.


RT @SkylerMize: No matter what we all come together.


RT @jennvincitomnia: I like my music real loud , real loud . Can you turn that shit up for me right now , right now ?

Socal➡️UC Davis

RT @knebreda: My twitter is off private, now I can be twitter famous

UC Davis

Thanks everybody for watching our video! So excited for the first table read!! (And Naya's married what??)

San Francisco & Davis, CA

Niggas think they know me, but really I got 5 real homies

R.I.P Darrin D. Davis

RT @BraedenTracey: @herringtonAmand rt

Davis, USA

Video: How philanthropy has changed UC Davis, #OneUCDavis

Davis, California

RT @DoubtfulNews: Stupid beliefs kill rhinos; penalties becoming harsher in South Africa

Davis, California