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RT @YoloCVB: Davis on the front page of the USA Today Travel Section! #Davis #cycling #bestcyclingtown #usatodaynews

すでに転居は4回、けれども南相馬には戻れない @JBpressさんから

Davis, CA, USA

RT @CHANEL: The #CHANEL Première watch: Timeless. Simple. Refined.

Davis, CA

@MindOfAbram @TheDukeNGS next podcast, I'm only going to speak in Good Will Hunting quotes.

Davis, CA

RT @nprnews: 'Hurricane' Carter Dies; Boxer Was Wrongfuly Convicted Of Murder

Davis, CA

My soundtrack: ♫ "Count To 3" by The Green (@ La Buena Vida, Davis, CA, USA)

Davis, California, USA

My soundtrack: ♫ "Gentle On My Mind" by Madeleine Peyroux (@ La Buena Vida, Davis, CA, USA)

Davis, California, USA

Almost went to church today because ????

Davis, CA

Are global #CO2 #emissions still rising? The answer is YES! Look at this excellent visualization

Davis, California

Analysis: City Analysis of Impact of Measure P Suggests it Not a Paper Tiger

Davis, California

RT @azizonomics: Too easy.

Davis, California
its been a long fuckin day - Imgur