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Killer Mike's pre-show Ferguson Grand Jury speech
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Howard University replaced the American flag with a Black solidarity flag today. At half mast.
gone head and preach keef💪
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#shutshitdown #shutitdownatl

Detroit --- ✈✈ Atlanta

RT @Millennial_: Police line. Spring street. #ATLFerguson #ShutItDownATL


RT @_BiggerThanYou: Stayed for FOUR HOURS. #ShutItDownATL #FergusonToAtlanta

Atlanta, GA

RT @AWorthyNews: “@JenBrettAJC:Protestors smashed the window out of this cab during their march through Atlanta #ShutItDownATL” #WSBTV

Atlanta, Ga

RT @Lunakush_: 85 south is shut down #shutitdown #shutitdownatl


RT @iMajorWish: This is mobilizing. Now we organize. Stay tuned my people. ✊ #ShutItDownATL


RT @blackloveprjct: seeing little black babies eager to yell "black lives matter" and raise their fists was everything. so moving. #ShutItDownATL


RT @ImNoRoleModel: #ShutItDownATL on I -75


Shoutout to Atlanta for raising their voices and being active. #ShutItDownATL


RT @ruby_beth: "If you are silent about your pain, they'll kill you and say you enjoyed it." -Zora Neale Hurston #blacklivesmatter #ShutItDownATL

Atlanta, Ga
Blocked downtown connector in Atlanta due to #ferguson protest. Protesters letting ambulances through. #ShutItDownATL
Cops in riot gear with batons on standby. #ATLFerguson #ShutItDownATL
People destroying Peachtree Center Christmas decorations. Others picking them back up to keep peace. #ATLFerguson
#atlferguson protesters are on marietta st now heading toward CNN center. #shutitdownatl
Georgia state troopers with guns filled tear gas canisters, masks. Packing up and leaving Five Points. #ATLFerguson
Taking the streetcar route on edgewood. #ATLFerguson #ShutItDownATL applause from biz owners.
Headed north on Peachtree St. Rocks thrown through Meehans window. #ATLFerguson #ShutItDownATL
And were headed north toward Marietta St. #ATLFerguson "hands up, dont shoot" chants again. #ShutItDownATL
Officer: "disperse or Ill arrest you." #ATLFerguson #ShutItDownATL
All of these arrests, at least five right now, are taking place outside the Zone 5 APD precinct. #ATLFerguson
Keepers of peace kindly pick up a @cl_atlanta box that another guy toppled. #ATLFerguson #ShutItDownATL
More photos of #atlferguson scuffle ad arrests. #ShutItDownATL try dispersed the crowd, most still on Peachtree.
State trooper arresting protester in middle of downtown connector. #ATLFerguson
APD is quite calm. prepared so far. GSP not as much, but not bad. #ATLFerguson #ShutItDownATL walking e. on edgewood
Protesters getting off at Edgewood ave. Maybe a dozen cop vehicles blocking them from going north. #ATLFerguson


#TweetOfTheYearContender RT "@TooDopeWithHope: Chief keef speaking English so you know this getting real"
Chief keef speaking English so you know this getting real serious


#ShutItDownATL on I -75
Who cares if yall wanna get home..Mike Brown wanted to get home too #ShutItDownATL
My hometown of Atlanta is going full shut down right now. Oh man! Pic via @ImNoRoleModel