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Get a girl who can do both
Speak softly, carry a big stick ... and then lay the wood. - Teddy Roosevelt, probably 📺 »
Vine by Bleacher Report - Relationship goals 😍 (via kaylaaa_x333)
*tik tok by ke$ha comes on shuffle* friend 1: y'all ready friend 2: you know it! me, friend 1 and 2:
i love wisdom teeth videos 💀
See what Thor was up to during #CaptainAmericaCivilWar! Get this & other bonus on Dig HD 9/2
.@Millerlite40 is ready for what's next.
Right in the basket. @demaryiusT fought off pass interference, too! #Horsepower
#49ers Colin Kaepernick video Part 2
Consider her birthday made, thanks to @X_RAYted56. 😀
Chance and Jaden admiring each other's style. So cute. #VMAs
#49ers Colin Kaepernick video Part 1
.@dekodawatson57 (2.5 sacks) has been down this road. It's all about performance when you get the chance.
Vine by Colorado Avalanche - Ice Girls photoshoot!
Coach Kubiak explains why he elected not to play Mark Sanchez vs. the @RamsNFL 📺 »
The mindset now, with Sept. 8 right around the corner.
Game by game, @PaxtonLynch's comfort level is going ⬆️ 📺 »
.@TrevorSiemian's take on where he stands in the #Broncos' QB race 📺 »
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@AnlaArtk @Malikejder47 @yenisafak @Ay_Lin83 @beyzazapsu
Stealing endorsements is not how you become the president of the United States, homie. Leave my name out ya mouth...
Hey @Kaepernick7 I dont have legs but Ill stand w/ enough pride for both of us every time my National Anthem plays

@RamsNFL 9
@Broncos 17 #LAvsDEN
The killing of Harambe 3 months ago today reminds us to be a voice for the voiceless.
Got that “W!”

53 years ago today, we Marched on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. #GoodTrouble
You want your QB to resilient and have a short memory.

We see you, @TrevorSiemian.

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I spoke number six, Dr. King spoke number ten, and out of everyone who spoke that day Im the only one still around.
Stealing endorsement is not how you become the president of the United States, homie. Leave my name out ya mouth...
$ONOV down 80% from Month Ago. #oversold #buy #goodnews #write #sbux #gmcr
Tonight, hop on the phone with state director @emmyruiz for a campaign update→ #HILLorado
@AvsIceGirls Photo Shoot 📸 Thats a wrap! Get ready @Avalanche fans..These girls are amazing!! #IsItOctoberYet
January 2009 = $10.6 TRILLION
August 2016 = $19.4 TRILLION
Rooks & Vets 😊
James Reid is just too handsome! Hands Up! @jreid_wolf #JADINE #JamesReid #Santorini #Greece
Donald Trump has paid $7.7M in campaign contributions to his own companies and children
Joe Ellis, @JohnElway get deserved nods in @NFL committee selections

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.@TrevorSiemian and @PaxtonLynch put a lot of reps on film last night.

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.@ShakeyGraves Last night was wonderful. Thank you for bringing a little more beauty to #Denver!

Denver, CO

🎉WEEKLY SCHEDULE IS LIVE ❤️FOLLOW- LIKE-SHARE-POST!!!! ❤️ 🚐🚐 ❤️ #lodo #denver #foodtruck ☀️☀️ #foodie #milehigh 🚐🚐🎉

Denver, CO

Sunset for Jefferson Park! Signup to learn about our 27 New Modern Residences coming to #jeffsonpark #lohi #denver…

Denver Colorado

Want to work at Einstein Bros. Bagels? We're #hiring in #Denver, CO! Click for details: #Job #Hospitality #Jobs


Good evening #Denver! Sun will set in 30 minutes (local time 19:35) #Sunset #Photo #Photography [28.08.2016]


Reception tonight celebrating our sponsors & two great #Denver #charities @RMHCDENVER @KidsTek #ColoradoGives

Denver, CO

We are ready for a busy week this week! #denver #5280 #303 #milehighcity #colorado…

Denver, CO

colorado rockies vs. dodgers #denver #rockies #bhive

Denver, CO

#Denver to Winter Park ski train returning for 2016-17 -

Denver CO

Aurora Fire Department Involved In Crash... #news #Denver

Denver, CO


Rihanna is so gorgeous 💕
Watch Rihanna open up the 2016 #VMAs with a performance of a medley of her hits.




Beyoncé revealing her pregnancy on the #VMAs red carpet (2011) x Beyoncé and Blue Ivy on the VMAs red carpet (2016)
From announcing her pregnancy on the #VMA red carpet to walking the #VMA red carpet with her daughter...


Nicki Minaj looks stunning 😍
Ariana and Nicki killed it 😍 #VMAs