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Floyd Mayweather does it again! Mayweather beats Marcos Maidana by unanimous decision, advances to 47-0 on career.
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At #HarkinSteakFry, #IAsen candidate @TeamBraley asks 10k Democrats to help him beat @JoniForIowa.

Des Moines

#thankyoutomharkin #HarkinSteakFry


Programming note: I'll be on BBC World TV talking about Hillary Clinton's visit to the #HarkinSteakFry in about 2 minutes. Tune in!


RT @KObradovich: Hillary Clinton takes Bill’s hand as she’s about to speak. #HarkinSteakFry

Des Moines, Iowa

RT @SCJDaveD: "@JenniferJJacobs: Disgusting but true: The seven porta-potties at the #HarkinSteakFry are filled nearly to their rims."

Des Moines, Iowa

RT @Jake_Rudy: Shout-out to the Staci Appel staffers who ordered basically all the food that this Taco John's had. #HarkinSteakFry

Des Moines, Iowa

RT @ErinDMurphy: Organizers adjust attendance figure, say 10,000 meals were served at #HarkinSteakFry.

Des Moines, Iowa

RT @Clay_Masters: Without a single steak fried RT @christinafreund: #HarkinSteakFry attendance update: 10,000 meals served, one of the four largest fries ever

Des Moines, IA

RT @idaveprice: Organizers say #HarkinSteakFry topped 10,000 people

Des Moines, IA

200 journalists swarm to field for tiny hint: MT @jasonnobleDMR Hillary 'thinking about' presidency. #HarkinSteakFry

Des Moines, IA




RT @carolhunter: Long-awaited snap of Clintons at the #HarkinSteakFry grill.
RT @mattvanwinkle: Bill Clinton now on the stage. #HarkinSteakFry #13now
President Bill Clinton speaking at #harkinsteakfry






Take an early look with 25 photos: RT @kobradovich: The #HarkinSteakFry is under way.