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@Mr_Topshelf203 my nigga out here talkin that real! @MeekMill they don't get it bro! And when he come wit the hot fire (dylon voice) over!

delaware state university

My nigga @MeekMill diss wasn't ass niggas dickeatin drake smh. @MeekMill talkin that REAL!

delaware state university

RT @rellyOnSMASH: this gotta be the most regrettable tweet in history RT @MeekMill: Stop comparing drake to me too.... He don't write his o…

Queens, NY To Dover, DE

RT @iamnatejames: Will Smith, Drake and Kanye West laughing at Meek Mill Memes @MeekMill Yeah.. You definitely lost this one.…

Dover, DE








#DSU19 #DSU18 #DSU17 #DSU16 @ImaniStarboom #HiddenVanity !!!!! #NEWYORK