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RT @Lakers: Byron on the system he'll run: "It'll be a mixture of everything I've done so far in New Jersey, New Orleans and Cleveland."

Bell, CA.

RT @Lakers: Showtime is sitting courtside at Byron Scott's press conference. #GoLakers

Bell, CA.

RT @Lakers: Byron on Kobe: "Great relationship. We get along extremely well. We text each other a lot. I'm looking forward to coaching Kobe."

Bell, CA.

RT @LakersSquad: It's official!!! Welcome back to LA Byron Scott! You're going to be an amazing Head Coach for our @Lakers! #LakersFam


RT @DuranSports: Heck of a starting 5. Wilkes, Kareem, Byron Scott, Magic, Kupchak. #Showtime #Lakers

Bell, CA.

RT @Lakers: .@MagicJohnson, Jamaal Wilkes & @kaj33 are here to support Byron.

Bell, CA.

RT @LakersReporter: Byron Scott: "This has been a dream of mine (for so long), to be the head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers."

Pico Rivera

I feel like Byron Scott was the right choice for the Lakers moving forward.

Los Angeles

RT @Lakers: Byron Scott visiting with old friend & Lakers President @JeanieBuss in her office.

Montebello CA

RT @jaimemaggio: Join @coachdavemiller @lakersreporter & I LIVE at 11a as @Lakers introduce new head coach, Byron Scott! @TWCSportsNet

Montebello CA


RT @Real_Liam_Payne: Nap time soar loser