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Got me... RT @nyvic26: Ah man RT @DubOnDaBeatz: Man who cutting onions?? 😥😥
How girls Snapchat when they're mad at you! Part 2! 😭
snoop dogg narrating nature should be a netflix series 😂
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Hahaha 😂😂
What do u think #ThunderNation ?
This is how my boy might look like next season 😁😄
My boy Stevoooo
Tim Duncan retired about a week ago and is now waiting in line at Old Navy 😂
(via @TheMavsQueen)
oh my god
Im so weak my cousin really went swimming with a goat and they both look happy asf 😂😂😂😂😂
This makes my heart so happy.

Also, the OKC Animal Shelter is EMPTY. 
Every animal that could go home, got too.
@blakeee_10 one of my dudes, outstanding QB, gonna be special. Leadership award winner at QB Impact Camp. #QBi
when u say something when ur in a bad mood & then 2 mins later ur out of ur mood but youve already done the damage
The Kid enters the Hall.

Ken Griffey Jr. enters the Hall of Fame as the 1st representative of the Seattle Mariners.
💚 @lexxmcguire_
@UCOBronchos is #MyTopCollege because it gave me the opportunity to go on a study tour to Costa Rica!
Try to live every day like Elle Woods after Warner told her she wasnt
smart enough for Harvard Law School.
Congrats Toby Sanderson for selection to play in All State football game on 7/29.  Great representative of Husky 🏈!!
HELP!  Lost dog.  This adorable guy wondered into my yard tonight, in the Piedmont,...
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RT @maherbear: The important thing is to Love your God with all your heart, your soul, your mind. & love other people like you've been loved. #mrccseasons

Edmond, OK

RT @yourfamilydoc: Got the live conversation going during church! @memorialroad #mrccseasons

Edmond, OK

RT @eriktryggestad: #mrccseasons "The Greatest Commands" from first service.

Edmond, OK

Travis got me like... #mrccseasons P.s. Just kidding!! Awesome message today!!#perfect

Edmond OK

RT @shyjot: Love the Lord your God. Love other people. ALL other people. That's the passion that drives us. #mrccseasons

Edmond, OK

Church approved selfie! #mrccseasons


RT @rvaughnd3: Bet I'm your OLDEST tweeter this morning Travis. #mrccseasons

Edmond, Oklahoma

Learning to appreciate generations at church service. As a school teacher these devices are driving me crazy! #mrccSeasons #differences

Edmond, Oklahoma

Hideout! #mrccseasons



Edmond, OK






The Kid enters the Hall. Ken Griffey Jr. enters the Hall of Fame as the 1st representative of the Seattle Mariners.
Vine by MLB - The look we all know.
Welcome to baseball immortality, Ken Griffey Jr.! (via @MLB)