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RT @NFL_Memes: Orange is the new Black: NFL Edition.

RT @nfl: .@AaronRodgers12 & @OliviaMunn send autographed jersey to a @Packers fan... Fan's reaction? Amazing:

erie pa

RT @NOTSportsCenter: 2014 #NFL All Arrest Team RB: Ray Rice WR: Josh Gordon, Roddy White, Justin Blackmon TE: Fred Davis Defense: 49ers Explosive. Needs a QB.

Erie, PA

Really NFL? Hold your players to a higher standard.

Erie, PA

C'mon you guys! Ray Rice is in the right here! -OJ Simpson Doing drugs is bad, feel free to assault ppl though, that's cool. -#NFL

Erie, PA

RT @TheIrishTP: has #NotreDame cornerback KeiVarae Russell projected as the 16th pick of the 2015 NFL Draft

Rochester, NY/Erie, PA

With the Ray Rice joke of a "suspension" , can't help but wonder if @nfl is reaching a tipping point @mcuban

Erie, PA

RT @NFL_Memes: Orange is the new Black: NFL Edition.

Erie, PA

RT @SBNation: The NFL believes Ray Rice got a harsh punishment, and that's part of the problem:

South Park, PA; Erie, PA

RT @bignatem: Young men let that be a lesson to you. If you knock your girl out make sure you are really good at football #NFL #RayRice #Ravens

Erie, PA

RT @TBarnes92: So you get a 2 game suspension for beating your wife but a 4 game suspension for smoking wacky tabacky. The NFL is a joke.

Erie, PA


E. 16th St Fire is contained, but crews still working hard to make sure it doesnt spread. #Erie