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A bat flip for the ages. - Vine by MLB - A bat flip for the ages.
THE CORGIS ARE COMING! #corgi #puppies #puppy #corgipuppy #cute #socute #cuteemergency - Vine by Cute Emergency - THE CORGIS ARE COMING! #corgi #puppies #puppy #corgipuppy #cute #socute #cuteemergency
Vine by lmao jack - - Vine by lmao jack
There were 21 HR hit today, a record for one day in postseason history. - Vine by SportsCenter - There were 21 HR hit today, a record for one day in postseason history.
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This man Phillip Rivers just punched a bird 😂😂
One Duck, many looks. @TheOregonDuck #TransformationTuesday #Ootd #GoDucks
This is the view of one man Hoke Johnson and the support shown to him by the thousands at the Trump rally in Atlanta, Ga. 10 /10 /15
Can Justin Bieber sing me to sleep every night 😍
BREAKING: South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier is retiring. (via @SInow)
#Cubs win! #Cubs take a 2-1 #NLDS lead!

Final: #Cubs 8, #STLCards 6. #FlyTheW‌
The @Cubs are the 1st team in postseason history to have 5 different players hit a HR in the same game.
College in a few pics
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Blackout: Black Pastors Dispel Media Created Notion Donald Trumps Racist - 10/10/2015 - - FULL VIDEO:
Limp Bizkit - 
Behind Blue Eyes - 
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Everytime Jumpman comes on
@StationCDRKelly: Day 199 #Aurora has danced with the #sun #YearInSpace" @TamithaSkov @DejahTHORlS @TerryMcCracken
monday night singin
CONGRATULATIONS to Austin Hrbek - New Vice President of Delta Sigma Phi - Theta Rho for the 2015-2016 school year.
SPS facing lawsuit over allegedly placing student in seclusion room: @sehurwitz
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@DEMundy but can you dance like this #MPATUO
Dean, was Santa Claus ever your PR client? #MPATUO
To Tiger Woods PR team. #MPATUO
The real reason @DEMundy quit Coke... #ethics #MPATUO
#MPATUO Heres phone face
whats up with students sleeping in #MPATUO

"Today's stories become tomorrow's context" #MPATUO


RT @DEMundy: Thanks to @KathrynKuttis and everyone in #MPATUO ! Awesome visiting class today... y'all are stellar. Great questions and grea…

Eugene, OR

RT @TinsleyWiser: I'll never find my name on a coke bottle.. #MPATUO

Sun Valley, ID ❈ Eugene, OR

#mpatuo still find it hard to believe you can not be a people person and be in PR but okay!! I'll take it

southern california

RT @KathrynKuttis: #MPATUO Here's phone face

Portland // Eugene

I'd eat a dog if tasted as good as turkey... #MPATUO

Eugene, OR

RT @HoffaFlocka: But your dog can eat dinner #MPATUO

Portland // Eugene

"You wouldn't eat your friends dog, why would you eat a turkey?" #MPATUO

Portland // Eugene

YouTube link to the Dr Pepper commercial??? #MPATUO

Eugene, OR


Osaka / Tokyo / Eugene
@DEMundy but can you dance like this #MPATUO
The real reason @DEMundy quit Coke... #ethics #MPATUO


One Duck, many looks. @TheOregonDuck #TransformationTuesday #Ootd #GoDucks


The real reason @DEMundy quit Coke... #ethics #MPATUO


Dean, was Santa Claus ever your PR client? #MPATUO