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That purge tho #datoowee!

Evansville, IN

being locked up taught me how to make a pretty decent shank

evansville, indiana

That movie damn near made me more sad.



evansville IN

I'm at CVS - @cvs_extra in Evansville, IN

ÜT: 37.989277,-87.560201

So true

evansville IN

Gotta love life ????

evansville IN

“@ktxmontgomery: If I had a dollar every time someone caught me singing at work id already have enough to retire on” OHMYGOD YEESSS????

Evansville, IN

The night and darkness terrify me, always have and always will.

Evansville, IN

Guess my night now consists of Netflix and my bed

Evansville , IN




RT @14News: Tomorrow on Sunrise, a month long project in Warrick Co. may affect your daily drive. Join us 4:30-7:00 a.m. Friday.