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RT @BreakingNews: NFL Commissioner Goodell: League will appeal ruling nullifying Tom Brady suspension - @NFL

Everett, WA, USA

RT @BreakingNews: Tom Brady beats NFL in 'Deflategate' court case, judge nullifies league's 4-game suspension - @AP

Everett, WA, USA

Judge rules for Tom Brady, overturns four-game deflate-gate suspension via @YahooSports

Everett, WA

RT @jeffcannata: Brady gets off and America's messaging stays consistent: Hey Kids! Cheat as much as you can, and lie through your teeth about it. #justwin

iPhone: 48.022961,-122.076973

RT @SportsCenter: Here's what the Internet looked like when Tom Brady news broke.

Everett, WA.

Judge lets Tom Brady play, ruling against NFL in 'Deflategate'

Everett, Washington, USA

RT @TheOfficialTATE: *Phone Rings* Goodell: Hello??? Brady: DEEZZZZ NUTSSSS *Phone hangs up*

Everett, WA.

RT @SportsCenter: Tom Brady is now available for: Week 1: Steelers Week 2: at Bills Week 3: Jaguars Week 4: at Cowboys

Marysville, WA

RT @okaysteve: Judge fully reverses Brady's suspension. Today is a victory not just for @Patriots but for America, freedom, democracy, and humanity #TB12


RT @FauxNFLnetwork: BREAKING: Tom Brady's suspension overturned. Now he can get back to being the ?.

Everett, WA