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RT @Possible5150: Souvenirs anyone? $20. I was in Everett and all I got you was this shirt. #TrumpinEverett

Everett, WA

I already know somebody getting beat up in Everett today when trump pull up

Everett wa

In line for Trump in Everett Wa my town so awesome to see all of the people supporting Trump very few protesters

Everett, WA

That's today! SO EXCITED! Go Trump for America and the Presidency. DEMS CLUELESS IN EVERETT. VOTE FOR TRUMP !

Everett, WA

LMFAO. Why Everett...

Everett, WA

RT @karwilson8046: TRUMP FOR Everett Wa State of the United States of America

Everett, WA

See ya in Everett Washington State. Thank you for coming! TRUMPFORAMERLCA

Everett, WA

Trump supporters at Everett rally say "our way of life is at stake," reports @NWhaglund

Seattle / Everett

A KSER donor dumped his monthly donation today because we are not 'organizing a boycott' at the Everett Trump rally. #InnocentBystander


Police have moved 1500 people in line for #waTrump rally into downtown Everett away from Comcast Arena #komonews





T-shirts on sale 9 hours before Trump due to speak. Crowd gathering outside Xfinity Arena since 2am. #TrumpInEverett