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"@MaChao_: Loyal #GermanShephard guarding his Soldier". @balto369 @Balto_1925

Fairbanks, Alaska

RT @elizabethjrowe: I'm talking about the evolution of menstruation this week, check it out!(video)

Fairbanks Alaska

You fam or set?

Fairbanks, Alaska

Avoid group think and really strive for creative contributions from everyone.

Fairbanks, Alaska

Aurora Prediction: Kp: 0.67(14:25) 0.00(17:25) AK (earth 0.67) 75% Status: Quiet

Fairbanks Alaska

Daily Bible Quotes - July 30

Fairbanks, Alaska

RT @IMDb: First poster for 'The Hateful Eight,' the latest movie from writer/director Quentin Tarantino:

Fairbanks, Alaska

"It seems that when you want to make a woman into a hero, you hurt her first. When you want to make a..."

Fairbanks, Alaska

What the frak @netflix ?! What brainiac decided to drop 'Braveheart' next month?! Fire that moron! #idiots

Fairbanks, Alaska USA

Photoset: "Is your friendship with Robert Downey Jr. in real life as good as it is on the screen between...

Fairbanks, Alaska




You can be my #mcm @TGenzAK