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Lightening and thunder ?

Fairbanks, Ak

Yo this thunder is right above me. No joke

Fairbanks Ak

Well... I was supposed to have a fun senior session this evening... Thunder, rain, and lightening... I would like...

Fairbanks, Alaska

Oh yeah, thunder. It's been a while.

Fairbanks, AK

I have never heard thunder so much in Alaska. Why so much lately?

Fairbanks, Alaska

@Krmatheson11 I was parked against a building and thought it was a light going out than thunder came, RAIN CAN GO AWAY NOW ?

Fairbanks, AK USA

RT @_TristanEmma: I love thunder storms

Fairbanks AK

Even a #perfectdog has his faults and, in this case, fears: Thunder. Begin rant: This happened while…

Fairbanks, Alaska

Saw lighting, 12 seconds later was the thunder rumble. Every second is a mile away from point of lightening impact?

Fairbanks, AK USA

I really like thunder

Fairbanks, AK