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Catch @MasonBaseball coach Bill Brown on @ABC7News reacting to his former players with the Royals today at 4:40 p.m!

RT @SBNation: Royals fans waited 29 years to make the World Series, then fell asleep:

Fairfax Va

Kansas City Royals!

Fairfax, VA

RT @CespedesBBQ: Being down 3-0 after the first sucks, but if the Royals follow the KEYS TO THE WORLD SERIES, they'll be fine:

Fairfax, VA

Royals blew a great chance to score there. #WorldSeriesGame1

Fairfax, Virginia

Last ten AL champs Royals, Red Sox, Tigers, Rangers, Rangers, Yankees, Rays, Red Sox, Tigers, White Sox

Fairfax, Va

BABIP has opted out of its contract with the Kansas City Royals and is now a free agent. #WorldSeries

Fairfax, VA

RT @BalSportsReport: Seeing a team wearing orange and black hit the Royals is weird.

Fairfax, VA

If the Royals don't score in the first 3 innings, they're bunting every at-bat.

Fairfax, VA

It's great the Royals are America's team for the next week, but if they want us to love them more, wear the powder blues for one game.

Fairfax, VA