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And for that moment I wish I was his mic stand???????????????? @G_Eazy #BayToTheUniverse #TheseThingsHappen #OnPoint
"@lyssaaburns: wow Im so in love w/ @G_Eazy" @G_Eazy

RT @_skid44: thank you @G_Eazy for coming to flagstaff and putting on one of the best concerts ever ??

Flagstaff, AZ

RT @lisssataaaylor: @G_Eazy put on the BEST SHOW EVER tonight in Flagstaff!!? I totally touched his face!?

Flagstaff, AZ

RT @ItsBlackAmber: @G_Eazy and @WhoKR tore Flag up, I don't think these AZ kids were ready?? #TheseThingsHappen #BayToTheUniverse

Flagstaff, AZ

And for that moment I wish I was his mic stand???? @G_Eazy #BayToTheUniverse #TheseThingsHappen #OnPoint

Flagstaff, AZ

@G_Eazy was seriously the best concert i have ever been too... He is repping the bay area the right way! #repthebay #geazy

Bay Area, CA ➡️ Flagstaff, AZ

"@lyssaaburns: wow I'm so in love w/ @G_Eazy" @G_Eazy

Northern Arizona University

the fact that we exchanged "ur hot" comments to one another just makes me want to lick ur face that much more @G_Eazy


?? @G_Eazy ??


RT @G_Eazy: Flagstaff Arizona tonight all sold out with my bradda @WhoKR

Flagstaff AZ

Probably the best night ever? @G_Eazy