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Came a looong way from freshmen ➡️ senior yr #GloUpChallenge
Throwback to the El Clásico when Rakitić nutmegged Isco..
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RT @AP: BREAKING: Swiss prosecutors: electronic data, documents seized at FIFA's headquarters in graft probe

Fontana, California

RT @richard_conway: Hearing reports Fifa president Sepp Blatter is lobbying delegates for a postponement of Friday's presidential election. Unconfirmed.

Fontana, California

RT @AndrewDasNYT: FIFA indictment names 14, including Webb, Warner, Marin, Leoz, but also promoters.

Fontana, California

RT @Wosozone_Linda: FIFA forced Germany to gender test their squad ahead of @FIFAWWC - "We did the tests and all 23 players are women"

Fontana, California

RT @MarcoBurgos: La FIFA contra el FBI, la pelea del siglo

Fontana, California

RT @JRehling: BREAKING: Top FIFA officials are being arrested in Switzerland for criminal charges related to corruption.


@DonTical_Futbol Because they aren't going to take it away from Russia, who is said to have paid FIFA off too.

Fontana, California

RT @MichaelSSchmidt: FIFA execs not being led out in handcuffs. Very peaceful. Hotel staff meanwhile is freaking out.

Fontana, California

RT @SportsCenter: BREAKING: Authorities are arresting top FIFA officials on corruption charges and plan to extradite them to US.

Fontana, CA .

RT @NBCNews: Top FIFA officials to be charged with fraud, bribery over host country selection

Fontana, CA.